“Life in a pit”☹️

“Our daily Bible byte”

(Simplifying scripture one thought at a time)


Last time we thought about the importance of having a heart ♥️ after God’s own heart ♥️.

Today’s scripture portion:

Genesis 37:18-24 👁️👁️👉📜

Today’s scripture quote:

Genesis 37:24 and they took him and threw him into the pit.🕳️ Now the pit 🕳️ was empty, without any water💦 in it.

Setting the stage:

Joseph was a one of the finest young man 👨, a favourite son of his father. Father sent him on a mission to check on his brothers. He never dreamt that his own brothers are going to attempt to kill him.


Joseph must have cried bitterly for mercy from his own but his own had determined to finish their brother. Due to negotiations of Reuben they agreed to throw him in a pit. Joseph must have been so scared and exhausted because of mental and physical stress. Ultimately his brothers got rid of him by selling him to Ishmaeilites.


It wasn’t so easy life for Joseph. His life totally changed through the pit. He was badly treated by his own brothers and ultimately sold to slave merchants. Further we read that Joseph was falsely accused and prisoned. He was in a dungeon. After having experienced so many tragedies he might have been tempted to doubt the very existence of God. But we discover that Joseph never accused God or anyone else for his situation. He always accepted whatever was allowed in his life.

My Personal views:

The life of Joseph has always been a source of encouragement and challenge to me. Although his own brothers hated him but he never hated them. God allowed so many troubles to come in his life yet he clinched to his faith. God never allowed Joseph to remain in the pit 🕳️, he raised him higher and higher in his appointed time. Joseph became a saviour not only to Egyptians, but also to Jews and whole world during the worst famine. He was the chief of the world’s first food bank in Egypt.

Lessons learnt:

(1) God was with Joseph even in the pit
(2) Joseph never kept grudge against God and his family
(3) God rewarded Joseph because of his faithfulness
(4) never underestimate God’s saving power even in the pit 🕳️
(5) no pit 🕳️ is too deep for him to save you.

Prayer for today:

Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for this wonderful day. Thank you Lord for the wonderful life story of Joseph. My faith has been boosted by observing Joseph’s faith. Help me Lord that even though sometimes I have to go through similar experiences help me not to loose your sight. I pray in Jesus name. 🙏

Challenge to the readers:

Thank you very much dear friend for reading this article. I found it very useful to me and therefore thought of sharing. I hope that you will benefit from this article. Looking forward to seeing your valuable feedback. God bless have a great day ahead.

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