Tossing between many ‘F’s

Hi dear friends I sharing my experiences.

As a child I was a timid soul. I required presence of my mom or brother to be around me in the dark to avoid me from getting scared.

Encounters with first ‘F’ that is FEAR.

Fears in childhood:
In my tiny little brain, fear occupied large portion. I had great fear of strangers, animals. Fear of dark, fear of teachers, fear of punishment, fear of lightening, fear of aeroplane, fear loosing loved ones.

Fears of adolescent:
As I grew up, the fear grew bigger and stronger. I had to face fear of parents, fear of parental arguments, fear of teachers, fear of death, fear of sin and punishment of sin, fears of hell fire.

Early adulthood:
Then, I encountered Lord Jesus Christ. My fears took up spiritual garments. I developed fear of God, fear of committing sin, fear of self that I may do some big spiritual blunders, fear of church leaders and members.

Fears at the college:
As I went to the professional college. I developed fear of my professional program, fear of vast curriculum, fear of failure, fear of teachers, fear of examination, fear of results of examination.

At the Job:
I was terrified when I answered my interview. I was afraid of not being selected for the job, then I had fear of boss. I had to gather all the courage to face my boss as I used to feel intimidated by his personality.

Even now, some fear is around as I write this post whether people will like my post.

You can imagine the fear factor was taking toll on my entire family and career achievements.

To my rescue I had a fresh encounters with ‘F’ family. The members of this loving family were heavenly father, the son and the spirit.

The first ‘F’, Father said, “For I am the LORD your God, who upholds your right hand, Who says to you, ‘Do not fear, I will help you.”(Isaiah 41:13) That was a big blow to my fears.

He pointed me to his son. I had an encounter with his son. I met a great FRIEND in the person of Lord Jesus Christ. He is the second ‘F’. I began to trust in him. I began to admire the one who loves me so much. Even though I was such a freak. This gave another blow to my fear.

The friend said, “Do not let your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in Me.”(John 14:1)

Slowly Holy spirit began to fill me with another ‘F’ that is FAITH. As my FAITH began to increase I realised my FEARS to decrease.

I could have more courage to face different situations without developing fearful feelings. He sent different faithful people, who helped me to overcome my fear.

Someone said, wherever you go you aren’t alone, Jesus is with you, in fact he is in you. You are carrying Jesus Christ within you.

I am not saying that fears have totally disappeared. Fears do come but the moment I turn to faith in Jesus, fears seems to leave.

May be you could try to sing this song in your heart, “What a friend we have in Jesus”

I thought these experiences of mine may be of some help to you. Please pardon me for such a lengthy post.

9 thoughts on “Tossing between many ‘F’s

  1. Pressly Dias

    Your experience is an encouragement brother .. v too cm across many fears .. which are natural .. but GOD is in control of our lifes .. HE vl never leave us .. thanks bro for nice byte ..hv a nice day ahead !!

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    1. Thanks Pressly for your time. I am glad that it was helpful to you. God is great. Someone also mentioned that Holy spirit is another powerful ‘F’ that is FIRE.🔥


    1. Thanks TR. I am sorry, I don’t know your first name. Thanks for your valuable feedback. I was indeed waiting desperately to know your thoughts. Praise God for giving me courage to open up. I am not afraid to share my experience and feelings. I always thought that it is better to keep them in closet. Today I feel totally free. I am flying like a free bird who has broken the bird cage. Thanks for your encouragement and guidance. God bless you.

      Liked by 1 person

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