Seasons of life

As everyone knows that seasons are made by God. (Genesis 1:14) God spoke and seasons were set up. It’s not of human invention.

Imagine, earth having same season in all parts at the same time. It would have been so boring and monotonous.

The arrival of beautiful seasons bring joy and happiness to each and every soul. I am sure, even animals must be waiting for their favourite season. (Psalm 42:1)

At times the climate is so hard on us and we long for season of relief. Seasons are responsible for making some parts of our earth so beautiful. When I am in a beautiful place then I don’t feel like going back, feel like making my abode in that cozy place.

Seasons bring along all our provisions. Spring time brings forth a sense of rejuvenation. The trees which appeared dead during the fall come to life. Beautiful flowers are visible everywhere is a great treat for eyes.

Summer season is not favourite of mine. In my place it causes me to be sweaty and smelly. I begin to wait for rain showers to cool down the temperature.

Rains are favourite of mine. Rains water the earth and also replenishes all the water resources. Many farmers are dependent on rain for their yield.(James 5:7)

Winter is also my favourite. Everything is so pleasant. I love to move around in such climatic conditions.

Similarly there are various seasons which come in our lives.

Ecclesiastes 3:4 A time to weep and a time to laugh; A time to mourn and a time to dance.

In today’s scripture we are reminded of times. I am taking this liberty to refer times as seasons. There are various seasons we have to face. There are seasons of weeping and mourning. We feel dull and down. We may be struggling to come out but we feel we are sinking more deeper.

Don’t worry the WORD is encouraging us that this season will be replaced by laughter and dancing. So lift up your eyes. Look out of your window. It’s a new day. There’s is new hope. Go out enjoy your day.

Paul encouraged Timothy by writing, ” ……… be ready in season and out of season…….(2 Timothy 4:2). He told him be ready for all the seasons.

Dear friend, Lord Jesus impressed on my heart to share these thoughts. I hope it will be of some help.

6 thoughts on “Seasons of life

  1. Adelaide Pacheco

    Thank you Dr. Nithin for sharing this amazing insight of these Bible Bytes on “Seasons,”, I am indeed blessed to an overflowing. Truly blessed!
    God used you to speak to me directly where I am at the moment- a particular season in my life.
    You are a blessing Dr.Nithin

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Adelaide for reading and sharing your valuable thoughts. God will do something amazing in your life. The best season is at hand. God bless you. With love and regards.


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