Bird watching

I love watching birds. Recently one pair of bird had made a nest in our balcony. Whenever I have spare time I keenly observe them.

They seem to be a very happy couple. They are not tired of fetching fresh long green leaves to build their nest. Once it was ready they had a baby. How beautiful is their tiny little world.

Whenever I see any bird I remember Matthew 6:26. If you carefully consider it, it is a command of Lord Jesus gave to his disciples.

Lord Jesus said, “Look at the birds of the air.”

There is so much to learn from these birds. They are free creatures. Nothing holds them back from flying. They are not worried about today, tomorrow or any other day. They are enjoying their present moment.

They are not worried about heights. They are made to explore the sky. It must be so much fun to simply glide through in the open sky. They live above every care of this world.

They do sing melody whenever they want. They are not taught by an human maestro. They come loaded with full functional musical talents. No human can match their musical expertise.

Jesus Christ said, “You worth much more than birds.”

Do you realise your worth? You are priceless. You are loved and cared beyond your wildest dreams. God has proved his unfailing love by giving his own son in your place.

Have you seen any bird today? I know, you may be staying in a concrete jungle which is inhabited by only one species. Do make an attempt to watch a bird. It is always a great pleasure to look at the different birds.

May God, lift your spirits as you think about the birds. As you understand that God takes care of insignificant birds so well and he cares for you much more.

With love and care. 😊 Shalom 🕊️

4 thoughts on “Bird watching

  1. Koshy Mathew

    Thank you very much Dr. Nitin, for bringing the thoughts on bird watching. Today I realized how our Lord exhorted us to practice ‘Bird Watching’ Regards Koshy Mathew
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  2. Adelaide Pacheco

    Thank you Dr. Nithin for this beautiful msg on Birds. It has blessed me and also reminded me to live life above the cares of this world trusting the Heavenly Father to take care of everything as we surrender everything in His care.

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