Daily blogging: a challenge to meet

Many people asked me, “why do you blog daily?” My answer is very simple, “to encourage my readers.”

In my younger days I was in constant need of daily encouragement. I sought it with all my heart. I even went to the extent of encroaching on people’s leisure time. Many people were very patient with me and gave me good amount of attention. That kept me away from some kind of temptations.

Today as well, I realised that people around me are also in similar need of daily encouragement. I could not reach out to all of them at the same time. I couldn’t make it to meet them in person. Time and long distance has caused great hurdles.

The current technological advances were of great help to my endeavour. I decided to write message and share it through social media. Way back in 2016, I had a strong desire to write godly encouraging messages. I began writing daily Bible Bytes. I received good response. I was excited and happy.

I kept on writing, then someone recommended to try blogging. I was totally ignorant about blogging. I was afraid to venture into this new arena of blogging. I kept on pushing it further.

Finally some days back I began writing my blog. I am glad that I did it. When I got my first like and first comment for my blog, it came as a great reward.

Since my blog is posted on daily basis, it poses a great challenge to me. It could be stressful to think about a new blog on daily basis! Only few of the bloggers I am following write it on daily basis. Most of them write randomly.

Daily Bible byte makes me to constantly think about next blog. God in his rich mercies has given me the matter for writing this blog on day to day basis.

Dear friend, I am thankful to you for reading my blog. Your responses and comments help me to move forward with this blog. Please do remember this matter in your daily prayers.

God bless you.😊🙏 With lots of love. ♥️ Shalom.🕊️

Image courtesy of Master isolated images at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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