Effectual communication of faith

Hi dear friends! 👋 😀💖 Once again welcome to the Daily Bible bytes.

Today’s topic of discussion is little bit complex. But I will try my best to make it simple.

We are constantly communicating with people around us. We communicate our joys, sorrows. People around us can sense whether we are communicating some positive or negative vibes.

We communicate lot of information on multiple platforms. WordPress is great platform for communication. Without communication we will be totally isolated. One of the important part of community service is availability of robust communication system.

We have greater responsibility towards the our next generation. The next generation needs to be made aware of what has been done in the past, they should be aware of present which will help them to prepare for the future.

Philemon 1:6 KJVS
That the communication of thy faith may become effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus.

This is a letter written by Apostle Paul to his friend Philemon. In the above scripture quote a different kind of communication is mentioned. Paul is mentioning about the communication of faith. Paul was writing about his prayer for Philemon.

Paul prayed a special prayer for Philemon. He prayed that communication of his faith will be effective. Paul in the past had communicated his faith to Philemon. Now Paul is praying for Philemon to carry forward the great commission.

The original word for communication in Greek is κοινωνία (koinōnia), which means a “common sharing.” It can also mean fellowship, association, communion and joint participation.

Philemon was involved in sharing the common faith in Lord Jesus Christ, as he received it from Paul the senior and was given the task to share it with his fellows and community.

Paul prayed that he would be enlightened through his acknowledgement of good things he is in possession which are available by the virtue of his faith in Christ Jesus.

I know today you are finding this little intensive. But I thought that sometimes we have to be bit more intensive.

We have double responsibility, we need to pray for those involved in communicating the faith. Secondly we have to assess our own communication whether it is effective or ineffective. I am trying my best to make it effective. I have had an ineffective communication so far.

Thanks for reading and responding in godly manner.

Shalom. God bless you dear friend.

With regards from Bible blogger.😀💖🕊️


4 thoughts on “Effectual communication of faith

  1. Michelle Stokes

    There is no hope for the next generation if nobody calls out sin, if we all spend more time worrying about feelings instead of their soul there is no hope for humanity and that is truth. In Old Testament which not all prophecy is fulfilled and when people read the bible they would know this to be true. if people don’t start speaking truth there will be no future only hell on earth and that is truth. pastors care to much for likes and feelings for the next generation to survive. The only reason we have made it this far is because of all the God fearing generations before. Heaven and hell is real and when the truth is not spoken anymore the end will be. Kind words sound fancy but truth is LIFE. and when people get over the fear of hurting people’s feelings then revival will come. These are true words whether people want to hear them or not. it the says the TRUTH will be spoken in the end not kind words. for only the devil charms and deceives people with their words and does not speak the fullness. Just words for all of us to consider. Shalom. I meant no harm.

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