My style of writing

Hi friends 👋

This is your friend, the Bible blogger 😇

I thought that I should convey my thoughts about my own blog posts.

This is what has worked better for me. It may be of some help to someone out there.

1) Title:

I like to choose a title which is not conventional. I like to choose a title which is new, exciting and catchy. The audience should be attracted to the message by looking at the title.

2) Short length:

I prefer to keep my posts short. I don’t have lot of time at my disposal to write a long post nor my audience have time to read long posts. So short and sweet always welcome.

3) Simplicity:

I try my best to keep my posts as simple as possible. I would love to have all my audience to understand the messages hidden in my post. So simple words makes sense to my audience.

4) Difficult terms:

I often use some difficult terms from other disciplines. These terms need explanation. I try to explain in my own words. I try to provide some links to allow the audience to explore the topic in more detail if it is of interest to them.

5) The structure:

I try to provide sub-titles to the post so that I can break down the lengthy post in to smaller sections which can be digested easily. This how I like to cook my daily Bible Bytes, so that it is palatable and digestible.

6) Frequency:

I try not to post more than once in 24 hours. Frequent postings might cause inconvenience to the audience. I am mindful about this possibility. People have so many other engagements apart from WordPress commitments.

7) Images:

In order to convey my ideas, I try to use images which are freely available from a licensed online stores. For example, I have used and for this purpose. Insertion of relevant images enhances the quality of posts.

8) Theme

I have selected a template for my blog post which is very simple as well as has a font size which everyone is comfortable with. Therefore I take uttermost care of my audience. Remember, Some may have some visual infirmities.

9) Passion:

I am passionate about the meditations on the scripture. I try my best that even people from other faiths can derive some meaning and benefits from the post. So I keep the passion alive about what I write.

10) Introduction:

I always begin with an elaborate secular Introduction which helps the audience to relate to my ideas which I am trying to convey. I prefer not to get to the main idea before I give some thought to its importance and relevance.

I am very grateful to all my audience friends for being patient with me and supporting me by reading my posts. Thanks for your valuable encouraging feedback and comments which have helped me to improvise my writing skills.

The new bloggers are encouraged to check out these guidelines in order to reach out to large number of audience.

Thanks for reading and I hope you are enjoying the daily Bytes.

Shalom 🕊️ and blessings ✋🌹🤝

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