An autobiography of……..🏺


When I was in middle school my teacher would ask the class to write autobiography of any thing. We could choose from living to non living things on which we could write the autobiography.


Today I am going to share a familiar autobiography in brief. I am requesting your favour. Please identify the characters in the story. Done😊👍

First character speaking:

“I was lying near the bank of river almost lifeless and formless. No one cared for me. You came in search of me. You were jubilant once you discovered me.

You lifted me up with your caring hands. You brought me to the place where you would treat me. You kept me in the scorching sun. I lost all my moisture. I was wondering what you were up to? Why did you beat me up with that wooden log? You turned me into fine powder.

You sifted me like wheat flour to remove all stones, straw, twigs, etc. You saw that in me no impurities are left behind. You knew that if some impurities remain then it will interfere in my making.

You kneaded me as a dough of wheat till all my particles glued into one lump.

You placed me on the working station. You gave the spinning wheel the required momentum. I felt little dizzy in the beginning but soon I was reassured by your loving hands surrounding me.

As your fingers began pressing against me and gradually I could feel myself getting into some shape. Initially I thought you would make me into a small vessel but you were very patient.

At that point I remember that I began to break at certain points. But you didn’t gave up on me. You remoulded me and reshaped me into a better vessel than before. I was quite relieved once you removed me out of the spinning wheel.

I thought you have done with making me. No, you took me up carefully so that I don’t suffer any damages. I thought you are going to store me in a nice place, instead you placed me in a hot oven.

The heat of oven almost killed me. I got completely dehydrated. I thought I am done. I was hoping that you don’t forget me inside this oven forever.

After certain period you came. You looked at me and smiled. I was so glad to see you smiling at me. Your one smile made my day.

You checked me up from all angles. You thought to yourself that I have turned out exactly the way envisaged me. I thought, since you liked me I would be your treasure.

You took me to a great mension where many nobles were assembled. You presented me to the most honorable person. That person poured in a peculiar drink. He drank that wonderful juice which I was holding up. Then I learnt that he was a great King. You left me there to entertain this King.

I am thankful to you for imagining me before I was born. You moulded me into something that the king would love to have.”

Second character:

Jeremiah 18:6 NASBS
“Can I not, O house of Israel, deal with you as this potter does?” declares the LORD. “Behold, like the clay in the potter’s hand, so are you in My hand, O house of Israel.


Now. Have you guessed the characters in our story? You are absolutely correct. The first character is the clay. We can identify ourselves as a clay in the potter’s hand.

Who is the second character. This time as well you are correct. The second character is God. He is our potter. He fashions us according to his plans and purposes.

Romans 9:21 TPT
Or are you denying the right of the potter to make out of clay whatever he wants? Doesn’t the potter have the right to make from the same lump of clay an elegant vase or an ordinary pot?


As the clay can’t question the potter similarly we also can’t question God. As the clay had to submit to the potter similarly we have to submit to the Lord.

He is still working

He is still working on us. What are your feelings today? Do feel that you are breaking? Have developed some cracks? Go to your maker and he will mend you. He will restore you.

He can turn you from shapeless and hopeless to beautiful and hopeful vessel of Honor.

God bless you all

Shalom 🕊️ from the Bible blogger 😇

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