❤️Are you suffering from spiritual cardiomegaly?♥️


For those who are not familiar with medical terminology. Cardiomegaly is a medical condition where the heart is disproportionately large in size. This can be dangerous. Similarly, having a small size heart is equally harmful.

Large hearted

In this article I am not referring to medical condition although I am using medical term to drive home some spiritual concepts. We all know that Christianity is supposed to be a system where the followers of Christ are supposed to have a largeness of heart.

Narrow minded

What I mean by large heart is to have a broad mind. Gradually and subtly I was trained to think in a narrow way. I began to exclude some good fellow Christians simply because I couldn’t agree with them. I was trained to argue tooth and nail with those who couldn’t agree with me in finer points.

Lost opportunity

I also started keeping too much distance from my relatives who didn’t follow the same lifestyle (trying to avoid sin but miserably failing) as I was pursuing. In the bargain I lost many opportunities to share the love of Christ. People thought that I was an arrogant person.

Lost friends

I also could never get along well with people from other faiths. I had some friends but eventually moved away from those friends. I still miss those childhood friends. I missed the opportunity to share the love of Christ.

God’s heart ♥️

Lord Jesus Christ has a large heart. He can think of everyone on this earth at the same time. We have a small heart, we can think about only our people. May God help us to draw a large size circle so that we may be encircle even those who hate us. We are called to imitate our heavenly Father. He is merciful and gracious.

What’s your size? ❤️

What is the size of your heart? ❤️ Can we say that anyone can find entry to your heart? Can we show mercy to someone in need? Think about it. May God help you and me to have a large heart to forgive those who don’t deserve it. Jesus Christ forgave his executors. He said that they don’t know what they are doing.

May God increase the size of our hearts and minds.

Shalom 🕊️

From the Bible blogger 😃🙏

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