Why did the sculptor smiled?

Story time

Hi everyoneπŸ‘‹
This is another story told by my mentor many years ago.

Why did the sculptor smiled?

“There was a sculptor who lived in one town. He decided to create a sculpture. He was in need of a suitable stone for this very purpose. He started his journey to find the most wanted piece of rock.

He moved from one place to another but wasn’t satisfied with the pieces he saw. He decided to go to woods to check if he can find some good stone for his purpose. As he went deep inside the forest and stumbled upon a solitary rock covered by fungus and other dirt. This stone was uneven, shapeless and rough all around. This stone was a completely dead.

By no means it was worth to be admired. Nobody would have liked it or thought about it. The sculptor slowly and carefully began to clear the bushes and other things which had obscured this stone.

Once he cleared everything he began to take measurements. He gave an intentional look at the stone. He gradually began to smile. He was very excited to see this rock. He immediately put his signature and mark on this rock so that he can remember it.

He immediately got some people to take this piece of rock to his workshop. With a great efforts they brought this stone and set it up in the workshop.

The sculptor began to chisel out all the unwanted portions of the rock and over a long period of time he produced a great piece of art. He made a finest statue of a person. The statue was so real that it looked like the statue was a living person. He received a great applause from his fellow sculptors.”

Why do you think the sculptor smiled at the rock? The answer is that, he looked at the rock and imagined the futuristic statue he is going to make out of this uneven shapeless rock. How many people might have passed through this path but didn’t notice it. No body thought that one day this stone will take shape of a certain statue. Only this sculptor imagined the future of this stone.”

The reason for the joy of sculptor

There is similarity of how God deals with us. Before coming to Jesus, I was rough, shapeless and almost lifeless. The moment He found me, He has never stopped working on me. He is still working on me. The final version of me will be the very image of His son Jesus Christ. There are still lot of unwanted stuff in me which needs to be chiseled out.

Have you surrendered yourself to your sculptor to be reshaped into the image of the Lord Jesus Christ?

May the Lord bless you through this story.

Shalom πŸ•ŠοΈ

From the Bible blogger πŸ˜ƒπŸ™

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