Birthday…… pondering🤔

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More 16060 days ago I was born in this world. 😂

In my childhood, birthday was the most awaited day. My parents used to make it a point to celebrate it without fail. I cherish the cake cutting ceremony with a prayer for my safety.

I have excellent parents. Before I was conceived they already had two boys. They were expecting a baby girl but unfortunately or fortunately I am not sure, they got their third son.🤣

I am thankful to my parents that they chose to let me come in this world. There are millions of kids who are killed before they can grow even a few millimetres inside their mother’s Womb. The womb turns into tomb.☹️

My parents have taken extra trouble to raise me up. Gave me the best education. Today what I am is because of my loving parents.

My both elder brothers love me immensely. They cared for me and taught me so much. They were very patient with me when I was impatient with them.

Birthday is a time for me to look back and forth. God has been very gracious to me. He preserved my spirit, soul, body and mind in good shape.

He blessed me with a gorgeous wife and beautiful daughter. I have very little regrets. Lot of joy. He has blessed me with a loving church.😊

You my dear WordPress friends have become part of my extended family. I have no words to express my gratitude. You are very kind to me. Every Time I post a new message, I receive at least 20 likes. This is beyond my wildest dreams. I am blessed.😇🙏

Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for this day. Bless everyone who is reading this post.🤗

Shalom 🕊️ means peace to you✋ in Hebrew.

From your friend the Bible blogger 😃🙏

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