The servant who eventually became master. đŸ˜ą

The scripture reference

Luke 16:13 TPT
It is impossible for a person to serve two masters at the same time. You will be forced to love one and reject the other. One master will be despised and the other will have your loyal devotion. It is no different with God and the wealth of this world. You must enthusiastically love one and definitively reject the other.”

Two masters

Everyone who has read the Bible will be aware of this scripture portion. There is a mention of two masters. The two masters mentioned refers to God and money.

Incomparable masters

There is no comparison between these two. God is supernatural and self-existent. Money is man-made and perishable. God is master because He created us. We are supposed to serve Him as we are created us for servitude.

The beginning

How does money become a master of man? Dear friends, money was not supposed to be the master. It was supposed to a servant of man. Money is an important tool for business transactions. It is a great channel to buy and sell.

Barter system

In olden days, people were doing transactions by repaying in kind. This is popularly known as the Barter system. For example, a field worker was paid in kind that is, he was given grains as his wages. Gradually money was introduced as a means of transactions. People understood value of things in monetary terms.


Gradually everything is valued not by its own merits rather by its financial worth. Everything has its own barcode. We are governed by the barcodes. Everyone knows the purchasing power of money.

Money is power

There is a general perception that money is power. Many think that money can buy each and everything. Money is a new age God. People are ready to do anything for money.

Money is master

Instead of controlling money, gradually we are controlled by the money. Money has become the master. Everyone is going after money. Money was supposed to be a servant instead it has become a master. Man is slowly becoming enslaved by the money. Who made it a master?

Love of money

Many fell in love with money. Many people can do anything for money. People are ready to kill for money. People are willing to sell elicit drugs for money. People are ready to sell their souls for money. People were supposed to love God and people and use Money. The situation is such that people love wealth and hate God and other people.

1 Timothy 6:10 NASBS
For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

Dear friend, let us keep money in his rightful place as a servant. Let us be careful not to allow money to become our master. Let us be mastered by God. Let us love God and people.

Thanks for listening.
Shalom 🕊ī¸
From the Bible blogger 😇

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