Trash🗑️ or Treasure💰: A piece of advice😁

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Do you think there’s is any comparison between trash and treasure?🤔 Of course no!😅 What a silly question!😜

Trash bin🗑️

We all know the usefulness of trash bins! We collect all discarded items in trash bins. At the end of the day, whatever is collected in these bins will be ultimately destroyed. It should not be retrievable.

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Treasure box💰

Similarly treasure is something precious. It is never kept open to all. It is kept under lock. It is never discarded but always guarded. It is something which is treasured above everything else. We would love to increase our treasures.

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Life experiences

I apply the above knowledge to our day to day lives. In our daily lives we come across different situations and circumstances. We experience different people and events. Many are pleasant and some may be painful or vice versa.


Surprisingly we tend to treasure bad things. I don’t have explanation for this phenomenon. Good is always forgotten and bad is remembered more vividly.

The concept

I have developed a concept for my own practice. I call it trash and treasure bin concept. I give this tip to some of my students. Consider that you carry two bins wherever you go.

Trash it🚮

One bin is a trash bin and other is your treasure box. Always trash anything you consider bad in the trash bin and treasure whatever you think is good. Eventually whatever is in the trash bin will always gets self deleted. Never remove anything out from the trash bin. Never recycle it.

Treasure it🏆

The treasure is what is going to remain. The treasure is something you can remove out and never throw away. Treasure it and nurture it.


I would like to ask you dear friend, what have you stored in your treasure box of memory? Please reconsider what you are gathering in it. Please segregate it at the source. Remember to trash the unwanted and treasure the most important thing.😜

Happy journey of life.😅

Thanks for listening😊

Shalom 🕊️👍

From the Bible blogger 😇🙏

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15 thoughts on “Trash🗑️ or Treasure💰: A piece of advice😁

  1. The Eclectic Contrarian

    There’s so many lessons here! We’re being taught about resourcefulness these days. Recycling is so very important.. but it’s just like the mess we hold on to! It’s comparable to the stuff that should be thrown away. We think these thoughts, feelings and actions are useful resources and worthy of recycling. Put that garbage where I belongs and move on.

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