My brush with law – A parable from vintage era

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“It’s awful to be found guilty of transgressing the law. I must admit that I was arrested once. Years ago when I was a lad I had a brush with law. I roamed aimlessly about with fear and dread that I would be apprehended.

One dark night while walking on the lonely lightless street I felt a firm hand on my shoulder. I turned in constellation to see a big policeman and he announced that I am under arrest.

He immediately took me before the judge and judge asked if I could provide a counsel. I admitted that I had no one to defend me and no one to plead my case. And from back of that corner of the room came a man with a kindest smile I ever seen.

He stooped over me and asked if I were guilty and I confessed that I was. He began to plead my case before the sturn placid judge. He pleaded not for justice but for mercy.

I became aware that the judge had great respect to the one pleading my case and I later learnt that my advocate was the judge’s son. Thanks to the goodness and kindness of that advocate. I went out of that courtroom freeman in gratitude to him and I never had another brush with the law.”

This is a great story shared by Dr Billy Graham during the annual live radio message on the hour of decision program in 1953.

You can listen to the entire audio track👉 here.

The law is the law of God, the policeman is the Holy Spirit, the judge is God, the advocate is savior Jesus Christ.

Thanks for reading.

Shalom 🕊️

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