You are doubly mine: a story

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Hi friends, this is another story which I have heard from someone and also have seen it as a part of Billy Graham’s Hope campaign some two decades ago. The story is as follows.

“In a coastal area, there was a small fishing community residing in a small village. There was a small family living in this community. This family had a small boy who used to attend his school daily.

One day his father bought a small toy boat. The boy was very excited to see this boat. He loved his toy boat very much. He would go to the seashore and would play with his boat for hours. He would try to maneuver his boat in the sea.

One evening as he was playing with his boat, he pushed his boat little more deep into the sea. He was expecting his boat to return back to him with the waves. To his marvel, his boat went deeper and deeper into the sea. After sometime he couldn’t see it.

It was the saddest day of his life because he lost his most beloved toy. He cried over this loss for days. He continued to go to his school. Everyday while returning from his school he would pass through an antique items store.

On afternoon, While he was walking back home, he happened to look through glass and saw display items. He noticed something familiar. He saw a toy boat. He looked at it very carefully. Sooner he realized that it was indeed his own lost boat.

He immediately entered the store and informed the store owner that it was his own boat. The owner of the store was very nice person. He said that he has no problem giving this boat back to the lad provided he could recover his investment. He told the boy to get ₹500 to recover his cost.

The boy was overjoyed with this development. He gave assurance that he will get the required money. He made one request to the owner to hold it till he arranged the outstanding balance. He gave away all his pockets money as an initial token payment.

He went home and began helping others. His worked very hard. He slowly and gradually collected money. Ultimately one day he managed to accumulate the required balance money. He took it to the owner. He gave it to the owner of the store. The owner gave the boat to the rightful owner. The boy was totally overwhelmed. He hugged his boat. He said to his boat, “You are doubly mine.”

The boy represents God, the boat is figuratively speaking of human beings, the payment is the blood of Jesus.

We always belonged to God by creation. We were lost. He repurchased us by paying the ransom blood of Jesus Christ. You are doubly belong to God. God loves you.

Shalom 🕊️

©2018 This is a copyrighted work. You are most welcome to use the contents. Please give credit to the author and quote this article without alteration.

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