Thus you shall say to the angry……

Anger is an important part of human nature. I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t get angry. We all feel angry at some point of life.

When anger is allowed to simmer for long time it can flare up as rage. If it continues to grow then it can explode like a bomb. It can destroy everyone around it. Anger can cause many kinds of sicknesses to the angry person.

To the angry person Lord Jesus has a word. The scripture quotes, “Be angry and do not sin.” The Bible makes provision for us to be angry however with a condition. This anger shouldn’t become a cause of sin.

The scripture also makes it very clear, “The Sun of anger should set before the Sunset.” This is absolutely necessary otherwise it is an invitation to the devil to cause further damage. It takes ages to rectify what anger and rage have done in the history. Be watchful, learn to release your anger in a godly manner.

Personally, I was an angry young man. One day in the fit of rage I hit my elder brother with a bat on the head. Now I always feel guilty and ashamed of my actions at that time. How foolish I was! Today, I am changing by the grace of God. My anger doesn’t shoot up like a boiling mercury. It also leaves me instantly. I am thankful to God for his transforming work.


Ephesians 4:26-27 NASBS
Be ANGRY, AND yet DO NOT SIN; do not let the sun go down on your anger, [27] and do not give the devil an opportunity.

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22 thoughts on “Thus you shall say to the angry……

  1. Great post. I have an anger problem at the moment, so thank you for the reminder. I remember once a friend was talking about anger with a friend of hers and one of her sons and the friend’s friend was telling the boy to let out his anger like a dragon with a big roar. The mother told him that no, it’s better to let out anger like a lion with a low roar, like Yahushua/Jesus would.

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  3. Great post. I am a Christian in recovery after 40 years of active addiction. I learned a valuable lesson about anger. I believe unresolved anger (stemming from “offense”) can easily morph into resentment. When resentment is allowed to fester, it can cause us to be cut off – from the person we’re mad at, from others (especially those whose behavior reminds us of the offense we’ve allowed to remain), from God. As I’ve heard before, it cuts us off from the sunlight of the Spirit. Thanks for stopping to read my latest post. I hope you’ll come back. There’s lots there. I’ve been blogging since December 2014. I’m now following your site. God bless and have a great day. Steven.

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    1. Hi friend. I am glad that you found my post encouraging. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am equally blessed by reading your post. God bless you. Hope to hear more from you. Looking forward to seeing more posts from your page.


  4. Ravisingh

    This subject is very close to my heart too.
    I hv written a book-your anger can damage your personal and professional life.
    I want to give msg to people that Anger is a death chamber and pl try to control it.

    Hv a nice time ,Nitin!

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