Thus you shall say to the jealous……

Today one of my colleague got awarded. Congratulations dear friend! This person got this award due to shear hard work. I am going to congratulate this person as soon as I meet in person.

When I first got the news of this award, I was suddenly gripped by the sense of jealousy. I was shocked to find myself having jealous feeling towards my own co-worker. I had forgotten that I am still prone to this feeling.

I was kind of ashamed of myself that even after following the Lord for so many years, I am still vulnerable to jealousy. It was a humbling experience. I was made aware of my own flaws. I realised that there are many areas in which I need to be sanctified. Jealousy is one of them, there are many more areas where I need improvement.

This is the message Jesus Christ gave to me. He said that you are not walking in my ways. Look inside, you are full of jealousy and strife. You are walking by the desires of human nature.

Dear Lord, I repent of my jealousy. I ask you to pardon me. I request you Lord for grace to overcome my jealousy completely. In Jesus name.

1 Corinthians 3:3 NASBS
for you are still fleshly. For since there is jealousy and strife among you, are you not fleshly, and are you not walking like mere men?


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25 thoughts on “Thus you shall say to the jealous……

  1. As long as we are flesh we will fall at times so, I am thankful for the for His GRACE.
    Cheer up, I have been there myself. I am sure most Christian find that out eventually.
    Pride is a part of jealousy I think. am not a scholar, God knows but I can think for myself. Brother a big hug I hope you will accept, in Chris.

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  2. StainedbytheSpirit

    I have been battling this for a long time and with me it often stems from a feeling of thinking that I am missing out on something or that I somehow deserve recognition for my efforts, especially things related to the LORD. All of these things are twisted thinking on my part, and boy does satan ever love to twist my thinking. The important thing is that I recognize it and ask our Lord for help in overcoming it. He shows me that I already have one thing that I did not deserve and did not earn, His Grace, forever. His forgiveness, His very life. AND when I think about that gift, my jealousy and envy become trivial and petty. I have the best recognition I could ever want. My identity in HIM! God Bless you!

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  3. His mercy and Grace are not for those who find themselves without fault. I count myself easily among all who fall short but are striving to become His servant. I needed to read this today and consider it a blessing to have come upon it at the perfect moment

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  4. hawk2017

    I do the same. We still fight the carnal mind and God’s chastisement as the Holy Spirit pricks our thought. He said do not dwell on those human things. Ty very much.:)

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