Differently abled and obedient: A story

This is a story of a strong young man. This person was a handsome guy. His wife came to saving faith in Jesus Christ. This man was quite hurt by this development. He didn’t approve of this step taken by his wife.

The wife obeyed the Lord by recieving water baptism. The man was more upset but didn’t hinder his wife from attending the fellowship. He continued to be unhappy about this whole matter.

One fine day, this healthy, hale and hearty guy got sick. His condition deteriorated so quickly that he required admission to a hospital. Gradually he developed signs of meningitis. The doctors suspected it to be brain infection.

Finally it turned out to be a chronic brain infection. The brain was so severely affected that his body began to go into contracture. He couldn’t see things properly. The church members offered help.

The wife had a tough time to go through this long ordeal. She had to manage him and three kids as well. She began to go financially weak. Although she was having so many difficulties, she never cursed her God.

She graciously accepted her lot. Eventually her husband was discharged as a crippled man confined to a wheelchair.

He came walking but left on a wheelchair.

Slowly, as the time passed, he discovered the love of Christ Jesus in his life. He got attracted to Jesus. He believed in Him. He expressed his desire to obey the Lord in the waters of baptism.

Now, after seventeen years of disability he was given water baptism as per his request. He was seen overexcited about his decision. He was carried to the place of baptism on wheelchair. The baptizer lifted him up in his arms and carried him for the ceremony. He was so happy.

They dipped him in the waters after ensuring all precautions. I could see the joy on his face.

Although he was disabled yet he learnt to be obedient.

His wife rejoiced to see her disobedient husband obeying the Lord.

I was quite touched when I saw this with my own eyes. Dear friend, this is not a fiction, it’s a real-life experience.

This testimony proved that the Lord honored the faith of wife. She didn’t give up on her husband. She didn’t renounce her faith in Jesus. Jesus Christ brought her disabled husband to the saving faith in Him.

No matter how things seem impossible, God will make them possible. _ Bible blogger

Abundant blessings dear friend.

If this story has touched you then, lease let us know your feelings.

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26 thoughts on “Differently abled and obedient: A story

  1. Praise God! With God all things are possible, and He proves that to us over and over again. πŸ™‚ My hubby always left the β€œGod stuff” as he called it, up to me. Then a few years ago he started reading a Bible. Then he wanted his own Bible. Now he is the first one in a crowd to give God the glory for any and everything. It is a beautiful thing to watch a new born, and to watch someone who is born again. Great post, thank you for sharing it with us.

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