How can I repay you mom?

Hi friends,

This is my first humble attempt to pen a poem. I hope you will like it.

You carried me in your
Womb For nine months
You suffered severe pain
To bring me into the world
How can I repay you mom?

You gave me your milk
You took care of me
You washed me
You fed me
How can I repay you mom?

When I cried you cried
You smiled to make me smile
You taught me to walk
You taught me to talk
How can I repay you mom?

You gave your everything
You gave me your time
You gave me your energy
You gave me everything
How can I repay you my dear mom?

I know that your love is priceless
Your life is priceless
You are a blessing and gift of God
You are more valuable than all my wealth
I can’t repay you mom for everything

………The Bible blogger

This is my first poem dedicated to my beloved mom and to each and every mom on the face of the earth. माझी अत्यंत प्रेमळ आई 👩‍👧Abundant blessings dear friend. Please post a comment if this poem touched your heart. What would you like to say to your mom? ©2019

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