An unforgettable event


Yesterday we organized a workshop on Mendeley reference manager. This is a software which enables a user to insert citations in a research articles and it has many other wonderful features.

Limited audience

Initially this workshop was planned exclusively for our parent department postgraduate students. We began with just 5 students. I developed a desire and dream to extend this workshop to fresh pg students from other departments of our institute.

Extended invitation

God’s ways are amazing. My boss himself came up with the idea to open this workshop to students from all departments. To my surprise and amazement many students expressed their willingness to attend this event. Initially we were little skeptical about it.

Overwhelming response

I created a tiny little social media group, and circulated the link to this group to all interested. People started to join this group. Within few days people started flooding the group. I didn’t expect faculty members to be interested, they also enrolled for this workshop.

Great start

Altogether 60 people registered. Yesterday was the first day of the workshop and it was attended by altogether 63 participants. This program was inaugurated by the Head of the institution.

Trouble shooting

We were facing trouble with the existing audio system. My friend and colleague immediately offered his help. He gave us brand new audio visual equipment which were just commissioned few days ago. We were the first people to use it for such an event.

Appreciation and gratitude

At the end of the session, I received many compliments and messages expressing their appreciation. I am grateful to my Boss and the Head of the institution for granting me this opportunity to share my knowledge. I am grateful to God for taking everything under his control. Β©2019

12 thoughts on “An unforgettable event

  1. Crissy

    It’s reassuring to know that God takes everything under His control. Even when things do not turn out the way we expected.
    Thank you for sharing your success.
    God bless you!

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