My journey⤵️ and Divine elevator….⤴️

School days

When I was in school I used to observe the financially successful and would wonder when will I will be earning. I wanted to earn money as soon as possible as our financial situation was not so good.

College days

Then I landed in professional college. I used to get highly impressed by the successful professionals who were ahead of me. I used to see them driving cars and would go through despair.

Professional days

Finally I completed my graduation and successfully completed my professional degree course. I wasn’t sure of what to do next. So I took up some temporary jobs. That job provided me with financial incentives but no job satisfaction.

Permanent job

Suddenly there was a job opportunity at my current institute. I wasn’t sure if I would be selected as I was rejected in earlier interviews. But prayerfully I applied and attended the interview. God’s plans are so amazing. There were two positions and I wasn’t aware. I thought it was a single post. Thank God that I was selected.

Unsatisfied job

I started my career and began teaching my classes. Over a period of time in spite having such a good paying job I wasn’t that satisfied. I wanted to progress in my research career. I began searching for different avenues to fulfill this desire.

Extra efforts

I got myself acquainted with online learning courses. I managed to complete couple of them. Most free while others were paid. This exposure unleashed new opportunities to sharpen my skills. I progressed upwards slowly and gradually.


I was always looking for a recognition as a good teacher and researcher which I never received. It is used to bother me a lot. Today by God’s amazing interventions I have been recognized as an established researcher and organizer.

My journey

In short this is my journey from nothing to something.

This post is inspired by the scripture quote:

James 4:10 NKJV Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up.

God taught me one lesson. Don’t Elevate yourself. Your job is to humble yourself and in my own time I will give you recognition in front of everyone. God wants each one of us to humble and believe in Lord Jesus Christ and in his own time He will give us breakthrough.

God knows the best time to elevate you. It is better to take God’s elevator. Don’t be in a hurry. _ Bible blogger

God bless you dear friend.


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