Blogging tip of the day #1: sentence length

Vary the length of the sentences. Sometimes short sentences can convey great message.

See the shortest quote: John 11:35 NKJV

Jesus wept.

Jesus Christ mourns the death of his friend, Lazarus.

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33 thoughts on “Blogging tip of the day #1: sentence length

      1. You’re right about that. On the day of the Gettysburg Address there were two speakers.

        A famous orator of the time who got up and spoke for two hours: over 16,000 words.

        The other speaker, Abraham Lincoln, got up and spoke for less than two minutes: 271 words!

        Does anyone know who the first speaker was? Anything about what he said?

        Do you know about Honest Abe? Do you know what he said?

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      2. Edward Everett: Congressman, former Governor of Massachusetts, President of Harvard, minister, Secretary of State, and Senator. Just another glorious elitist fool!

        It was called the Gettysburg Oration: but not an address at all really. Just the musings of a speaker with no polish on stage; no command of Greek history; etc.

        I was wrong: it was only 13,000 words!

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      1. hawk2017

        Not me sweetie, several pastor’s I have listened to Thought this perhaps. But U are welcome. We are here(yes, even you:) to help see another perspective of the word. :))

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