My take on impatience.

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We are becoming an impatient generation. Everyone is tuned to instant service. Any minor delay is perceived as offensive. Have patience, it is the best quality.

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Inspirational Bible quote:

1 Thessalonians 5:14 TPT

Be quick to demonstrate patience with everyone.


Be patient with everyone around you.

Do you think it is possible to be patient with everyone? Please feel free to voice your disagreement.


45 thoughts on “My take on impatience.

      1. It actually goes like this:
        In school, you first learn and then give a test. In life, you first give the test and then learn from it.
        My school had made a big flex and put it for us to realize. I had read in in Std. 1, I remember and I read it in Std. 10.. I realized that the only reason why I understood it in 10th was my school..!

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  1. I definitely need bucketfulls, er sorry, truck-fulls

    Blessings c
    I just write what “pops into my little head” (even though my friends and family may think I’m a bit crazy sharing)

    God has a sense of humour- He likes to see us making plans!

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