My take on the opinions.

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Opinions are man-made. They aren’t permanent. Don’t build your life on others opinions. Have a modest opinion about yourself.

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Inspirational Bible quote:

Matthew 23:12 TPT

Remember this: If you have a lofty opinion of yourself and seek to be honored, you will be humbled. But if you have a modest opinion of yourself and choose to humble yourself, you will be honored.”

My explanation:

Have a balanced opinion about yourself. Don’t think high or low about yourself. You are equal to everyone.

Are you looking at yourself from others eyes? Look carefully at yourself. There is none like you.


28 thoughts on “My take on the opinions.

  1. Opinion are “Moo”s. They never ever define you..! Opinions are like passing clouds.. Lot of them dark but they always have silver linings.. Others opinions help us to become better and best in our own way.. That’s the beauty of opinions.! πŸ˜ƒ

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  2. Riphath Rodrigues

    Correct! People always have opinions for others. Like they want our lives to be the way they want to see.. The way they like it. They way they will be happy with it. We always tend to see what is wrong in the other. But never bother to ask Are you Happy? How can I help u?

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