My take on Criticism.

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Always be open to constructive criticism, and not to destructive kind. You are welcome to criticize my work. I will gladly accept your criticism. The critics can teach so much.

Bible blogger 😎

Inspirational Bible quote:

Proverbs 28:23 TPT
If you correct someone with constructive criticism, in the end, he will appreciate it more than flattery.

Proverbs 15:32 TPT
Refusing constructive criticism shows you have no interest in improving your life, for revelation-insight only comes as you accept correction and the wisdom that it brings.

My comments:

Constructive criticism is always valuable. It helps us to improve. It is called as peer review.

Are you open to constructive criticism? Please feel free to share your experience with criticisms.


32 thoughts on “My take on Criticism.

    1. So true Sullivan. But I hardly get critical review on the WordPress. If people disagree they don’t voice it. They become silent. I strongly believe that we should give out constructive feedback. Thanks for visiting and responding. God bless you. It was a joy to see your comments.

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