Health tip #1: Cough etiquette

Coughing indiscriminately can spread infectious organisms. Any person suffering from cough should hold a handkerchief while coughing. The best option is to provide a mask to the person suffering from the cough.

The coughed out material should be disposed off hygienically. This etiquette will prevent the spread of infections of the respiratory tract. For example, influenza.

21 thoughts on “Health tip #1: Cough etiquette

  1. Man of Proverbs

    Kleenex is better if used correctly and hands washed quickly otherwise handkerchief might be better. Sorry that’s the microbiologist coming out lol

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      1. Very nice accessory. I am not sure if it’s available in all countries. Even regular tissue should be helpful. The handkerchief is eco-friendly as it can be used multiple times and washable.


    1. The most common problem associated with dust is an allergy. There is no permanent treatment in allopathic medicine. It also depends upon the source of dust. The constituents of the dust differ as per the source. Hospital dust might contain disease-causing agents. I hope this helps. Usually, you should avoid online consultations. In person consultation is the best option.

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    1. Precisely. In India, some regions people can’t afford a pack of tissue. Many aren’t used to the handkerchief. A regular change of handkerchief and washing it frequently is better. Tissue paper should be balanced with sustainable forest. πŸ˜…


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