Blogging tip # 13: watch out for clichés.


One of the greatest temptations is to repeat what has been said or written before. For example, we often hear or read “think out of the box.” This kind of repetition is known as cliché. The inappropriate overuse tends to smoother originality and meaning. Use clichés sparingly and contextually. A list of clichés is available online.

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7 thoughts on “Blogging tip # 13: watch out for clichés.

  1. I heard that saying yesterday. As I contemplated its meaning, I realized I couldn’t remember where I’d put “the box”. How about “constructive thinking?” I’ve always had a place in my heart for that one.

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    1. Correct. The clichés are culture-specific. The interpretation of clichés varies between different cultures. In India particularly we thousands of different languages and millions of clichés. These are used often to fit the context. I agree with you man.


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