Come on! Let’s sing.

Psalm 95:1 TPT
Come on, everyone! Let’s sing for joy to the Lord! Let’s shout our loudest praises to our God who saved us!

Are you a singer by any chance?🤔 I am not a singer, for sure.😊 But everyone is definitely a bathroom singer.😀

When do you sing a song? We usually sing songs when we are in good moods. Perhaps, when we are in a relaxed atmosphere!

It’s very difficult to sing when we are sad. It’s very difficult to sing, when we feel like a looser. It’s impossible to sing when, we loose our loved ones.

Today’s scripture reading is encouraging everyone. It’s giving us an open invitation to sing. It’s actually a call to sing for a supernatural being.

It’s an exhortation to sing a song of praise. It’s a common practice in all faiths to sing some spiritual and praise songs. It uplifts the spirit of the worshipper.

Try signing praise songs when you are sad and low. I believe that this exercise will definitely bring joy to your wounded heart. This formula works better for me. (I am not boasting).

God bless you.

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Signing off your friend Bible blogger 😃

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