He is my everything!

We truly realise the importance of our dear ones once they are gone. We took them for granted when they were around. Once they are no more, we miss them so much.

Can anyone replace our lost family members. No one. No other human being can provide same affection of the lost family members.

Psalm 68:5 TPT
To the fatherless he is a father. To the widow he is a champion friend. To the lonely he gives a family. To the prisoners he leads into prosperity until they sing for joy. This is our Holy God in his Holy Place!

Today’s scripture reading provides great words of encouragement. The Psalmist understood that God is the only one who can provide affections of father, friend, and family.

Dear friend, whom are you missing today? The Lord understands your feelings. He wants to meet your deepest needs.

May the God of glory be with you and your family.

With love. 🥰

17 thoughts on “He is my everything!

  1. sk8sandhu

    Dear nice one, these days news are coming up infants are get so many diseases like Italy and others , cannot survive dead , nothings is sure about tomorrow.
    Thank you so much, best regards, sk

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      1. sk8sandhu

        Oh dear, please not to say this to me, i shall thank you so much for writing wonderful articles sharing with us here. Have a nice weekend dear, best regards, sk

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