Have you seen Father in your God?



Father always signifies the sense of security. When you walk with your father, then you are not afraid of anything else.

Father’s are very sensitive to the needs of his own children. He goes out of the way to help and provide for his own children.

Psalm 118:5 TPT
Out of my deep anguish and pain, I prayed, and God, you helped me as a father. You came to my rescue and broke open the way into a beautiful and broad place.

Father is someone who will rise from his deep sleep to give water for his thirsty child. Father is the one who holds his baby in his bosom.

In today’s scripture reading, the psalm writer was comparing the care and compassion of earthly father with the heavenly Father.

The psalmist cried to his heavenly Father and received help when he was in dire need. Dear friend, listen to my advice. Take your problems to the Lord and He will definitely answer you as your own father.

Be blessed.


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