Are you afraid?

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Fear is something we are born with. We can’t get rid of it completely. It’s a protective mechanism placed within us by the creator God.

Fear is fine when it is reasonable. Fear of unknown is unfounded. Fear is always lurking around in our hearts and minds.

Luke 12:32 NASBS
Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has chosen gladly to give you the kingdom.

Disciples of Jesus Christ weren’t free from fear. They were fearful even when Jesus Christ was with them. The most commonest reason for their fear was lack of faith.

Jesus Christ rebuked their unbelief. He always encouraged them to have faith in him and God the Father.

In today’s scripture quote, there’s a wonderful truth unravelled. Heavenly Father has graciously chosen us to have part in the realm of His spiritual kingdom.

Dear friend, listen to me. Your faith can help you to overcome your fears. Jesus Christ is always with you as he was with his disciples. He is not going to leave alone even for 1 millisecond.

Shalom 🕊️

Be blessed in Jesus name.

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19 thoughts on “Are you afraid?

  1. Hello, just came across your message, interesting enough I myself just posted something on this early 45 minutes ago. But I do have to disagree with your first sentence we are not born into fear we are born to love and that’s scriptural. Fear is demonic, so we aren’t born with a demon. We are taught how to fear and this comes from the ways of the world and being exposed to everything that’s in it. We may of been born into sin, but sin is not the same as an emotional state of fear.
    If the word can nearly contain over 365 verses on fear alone what is that saying? That the Father knew from the very beginning what we would encounter in this world and so we have to be on guard, watchful, and know that the enemy seeks to destroy us and paralyze us with this fear. It is a choice to remain in this state of mind. There are way too many people being medicated for this because they don’t trust in God alone. If we were to cling more to His word more than to listening and believing the ways of the news, social media, or even doctors, we wouldn’t find ourselves in such places that can inhibit our lives. It is a choice to fear.

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    1. I am glad that you found it interesting. I totally agree with you. I respect your valuable opinion. I have been a believing Christian for long time. I have been a fearful person for a long time. I have overcome many fears and still discover many of them on daily basis. I am a medical doctor myself. I have seen the mental health issues which are concerned with fears. I am convinced that a genuine faith is a strong guard against mental breakdown. However, everyone is not born with same measure of faith. I hope that people will grow up with regards to their respective faiths. Be blessed in Jesus name. Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts. Thanks for following. You do have a beautiful blog page.


      1. foragreaterpurposeblog

        Hey so I have a question for you… 🙂 What are you doing about your fear issues? Are you aware that you have the ability to overcome them?

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      2. foragreaterpurposeblog

        I see, so are you saying that you are not fearful in the ways that debilitate, but yet full of the fear of our Lord and King? If so this would be a much greater thing to have. I can only image being in your field of work what you may have encountered. 😦


    1. foragreaterpurposeblog

      This would be a reverential fear mentioned in Proverbs 9:10; it is not the same as the one that seems to overtake the minds of many. Having this fear of the Lord certainly keeps us from the fear of man.

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    1. foragreaterpurposeblog

      Hi Lisa, it sure can be, I was afflicted with this mess for many years until I made a decision that I didn’t want to live this way any more. To fear is a choice. Unfortunately many of us were taught to fear at a very early age and didn’t know any better. BUT…if we are a believer we definitely are suppose to fear, in fact we are commanded not to.


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