Have you heard of spiritual freedom?

We (Indians) celebrated our independence day on 15th August. It’s a great reminder of the end of British Raj (foreign rule). It marked the beginning of an independent sovereign India (Bharat). Our freedom fighters achieved this freedom through great non-violent struggle.

It’s a day to salute our freedom fighters. It’s a day to remember their great sacrifices. It’s a day of celebration of our freedom. It’s my favourite holiday.

Today, we are free to travel anywhere and everywhere without any fear. We are a sovereign nation. The reigns of the country are back with our own political leadership.

John 8:36 TPT
So if the Son sets you free from sin, then become a true son and be unquestionably free!

As I was wondering about the freedom from the slavery of foreign rulers, I remembered this wonderful scripture quote from the Holy Bible.

Jesus spoke about a different kind of freedom. It’s a spiritual freedom. It’s a deliverance from the slavery of sin! Yes, sin is a powerful ruler.

Sinful nature makes a person do evil things. For example, a man full of lust will commit sexual immorality. An angry person will get into arguments.

Jesus spoke about this freedom. He offered it to his own people (Jews) a freedom from sin. Unfortunately, they couldn’t understand this spiritual truth.

They hated Jesus and choose to remain in the slavery of sin. I personally have tasted this spiritual freedom. God convicted me of my sins. He opened my eyes to see my wrongdoings.

One day he helped me to believe in Jesus Christ. I understood the spiritual implications of sacrificial death of Jesus. Today I have complete peace in my heart. Jesus Christ broke the power of sin over my life. Today I am enjoying my country’s independence and spiritual freedom as well.

Be blessed.

Shalom 🕊️

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