*Karuna* in times of corona

Matthew 5:6–7 (CJB): 7  “How blessed are those who show mercy!
for they will be shown mercy.

Coronavirus pandemic has caused greater loss in terms of human life, economic loss, etc. Another type of loss I have noticed is the loss of mercy.

We are loosing the Karuna. Karuna is the Indian word for mercy. I have seen how people behave with people who might have developed coronavirus infection. The family members, the neighbors, and community would view them as a nuisance.

May God grant us the serenity to accept these people with more grace and mercy. May the Almighty God touch them and heal them. May the Lord Yeshua rid this world of this plague of coronavirus.

May the “Karuna” return back to all of us.

Have a blessed day_Nitin

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