To Covid-19 frontliners!

Image credit: Sasin Tinchai

Hi dear friend. Thanks for hanging out there in this difficult time. I know what exactly you feel at this point.

You are going through terrible time. You are heartbroken to see so many people suffering from this disease. You feel helpless when patient is dying. You want to save their lives but you can’t.

Patients are pouring in and you have not enough room to accommodate them. You are overwhelmed by what is happening. You wished for the clock to run background directionand it’s not possible.

I know the fears you go through! You are afraid that you might get yourself infected with this virus. You are very much aware of the complications which can kill you. Yet, you don’t give up!

You hold on to your determination and dedication. You are not the type who will run away from the battleground. You are going to fight against this virus till very end.

We know that one day we will defeat you coronavirus. The frontliners will never give up. They might get wounded or killed. That doesn’t stop other frontliners. They will carry on with this fight.

You provide the best care for the affected with lots of love and affection. Your care and compassion is well appreciated. You are our real life heroes. You are the winners. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You remind me of the old Hindi patriotic song.

होंगे कामयाब, होंगे कामयाब हम होंगे कामयाब एक दिन हो, हो, मन में है विश्वास पूरा है विश्वास हम होंगे कामयाब एक दिन

Read the the rest of the poem here.

It means, “We shall overcome, we shall overcome, we shall overcome one day. We do believe, we have full faith, we shall overcome one day.

This is a powerful poem penned by Girijakumar Mathur. I salute you my dear frontliners and the poet.

I bless you in the name of Yeshua Meshiakh.

Jai Hind 🇮🇳

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