Love wins against Covid-19!

Source: CNN

Who said that Covid-19 is the winner. Covid-19 is the looser. It was defeated by two love birds.

This is a story of Betty and Curtis Tarpley just published on twitter account of CNN. This love story touched my heart.

After 53 long years of married life spent together, they both contracted coronavirus.

Betty was hospitalized on June 9 and Curtis on 11th, as reported by their son.Β  Tim Tarpley, the son of this couple had no idea how they contracted this infection. They were in isolation from March.

Curtis was in ICU. Once he was doing well, they would wheel him to be with Betty at a different unit. After sometime, Betty’s condition deteriorated.

Curtis was informed about this, immediately his oxygen levels began to dwindle. Blake Throne, one of the ICU nurse decided to get them together side by side.

It was a difficult task, but they finally managed it. Curtis and Betty were totally weakened by their sickness. However, at last time Blake informed Curtis that Betty was next to him.

He looked at her and his eyebrows went up. Blake placed Betty’s hand on his arm. Both love birds communicated without words.

In the next 20 min Betty died and after 45 min Curtis died. Covid-19 could not kill their love and bond between these two lovers. They departed together on June 18. This story is extracted from Twitter account of CNN. Full credit to CNN for sharing this story.

God bless you.

5 thoughts on “Love wins against Covid-19!

  1. Mario Furtado

    Great story !
    This once again proves that Love is stronger than death and that Love is the greatest.
    In a similar way, Jesus died on the cross at Calvary, for his loved ones (us). And when He died, we died with Him and also when He rose we rose with Him.
    Nothing can separate us from His love. Neither death nor life or anything else in all creation.

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