Blogging: An expression of heart – one line at a time!

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When I started blogging somewhere 2 years ago, I never thought that I would love it so much.

I am enjoying writing my blogs, day after day. I thought that one day I will fall short of topic for my daily blog post.

Then I discovered that you can blog on any topic in the universe. As the universe is studded with diverse stars, similarly the blog posts could have variety as well.

For me, blogging is an expression of my heart. I write with hands and my android phone, however my heart is the one doing all the thinking.

You might be wondering, does heart thinks! Oh yeah, we all think with our minds but ultimately listen to our hearts.

Blogging is liberating. Blogging is relaxing. Blogging is voicing your thoughts. It helps me to share my passions.

It requires determination and dedication. It demands consistency and perseverance. It demands careful arrangements of bunch of words in a logical fashion.

You need to get through to the heart of your audience. They learn about you and your heart through your blog. Your blog is the window through which they can see your world. They can see the world from your eyes and heart. Don’t shy away from sharing. Sharing is always caring.

All the best dear blogging community. I am so happy to be a part of this community. God bless each one of you out there.

In the name of Yeshua Meshiakh.

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