The exhausted army!

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How many hours can you work continuously? I think many people would answer between 6 to 8 hours. But, this has changed. The Health care workers are working for almost 10 to 12 hours continuously.

Why do they do it? Oh yeah, it’s the need of the hour. The coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to get to their job for extended periods.

There’s very little chance to avoid it. The extent of this pandemic has demanded more from the health care providers. The cases are rising on daily basis.

The Emergency Management Technician (EMT) are working very hard to attend to every emergency call. They dash to the residence of the victims, get them to the emergency. Immediately, second call is already knocking.

The doctors are working continuously. The nurses are providing care without a gap. This working pattern is causing burn out of the health care providers.

They have to take some break. They aren’t machines. They need recovery time. They need to freshen up. They need rejuvenation. They need homely atmosphere.

But, they can’t go home. They might take the virus along with them. They have to hang around at the make shift arrangements. It could be hotel or something like that.

We need lots of support for our doctors, nurses, EMTs, and others likewise. Many doctors have lost their lives to COVID-19. While caring for the victims, they forgot about their own health.

They made their own safety second priority over their duties. How can we repay them?  Can we pay them money! No, money can’t recompense for their precious lives. These warriors need our prayers. They need our support. They deserve our appreciation.

Dear God, take away this pandemic so that our health care providers can take a long break. In the name of Yeshua Meshiakh I pray.

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