Coronavirus mythbuster: Part 1


Coronavirus virus was first detected in the Wuhan city in the Hubei province of China. Now it has spread across the globe.

Myth 1: Biological weapon

The coronavirus pandemic was studded with lots of myths and rumours. The most and foremost was the legend that the virus is a biological weapon.

This is thoroughly argued across by the scientific community in the world. It is believed that it’s unlikely to be a biological weapon.

Myth 2: Covid-19 caused by bacteria.

The another myth is that COVID-19 is caused by bacteria and not virus. This is not true. It’s a viral infection no antibiotics can cure COVID-19. However, a victim of COVID-19 can develop bacterial infection as a complication, which needs to be treated with an antibiotic.

Myth 3: facemask increase CO² and decrease O²

Prolonged use of mask can cause CO² intoxication or reduced oxygen levels. This is a myth. The facemask doesn’t increase CO² not reduces oxygen levels.

Myth 4: Alcohol consumption kills the virus

Another myth is that alcohol consumption will kill the coronavirus. This is not true. Alcohol consumption can’t kill the virus.

Myth 5: Thermal scanners detect COVID-19

Thermal scanners can detect COVID-19 is a myth. Thermal scanners can only identify a person suffering from fever. Fever is one of the symptom of COVID-19.

Myth 6: adding pepper prevents COVID-19

Adding pepper can prevent or cure coronavirus infection. This is a myth. Pepper doesn’t prevent coronavirus infection.

Myth 7: houseflies transmits coronavirus

Another myth is about the role of houseflies. Many people think that houseflies are responsible for the transmission of coronavirus. Till now, there’s no evidence that houseflies transmit this virus.

Thanks for reading. Please know the facts and reject the myths and rumours.

I bless you in the name of Yeshua Meshiakh.

6 thoughts on “Coronavirus mythbuster: Part 1

  1. I hope you do not mind me adding some other information which Doctor’s who have spoken out against the false info being spewed forth by the main stream media, governmental and so-called Medical experts. One specific doctor who was imprisoned without a trial by Fauci, because she refused to destroy her findings in a Medical thesis for the HIV virus, which was man made. She has come out stating that anyone who received the vaccinations against the flu, measles, shingles, etc., are in fact being poisoned with high levels of toxins by the ingredients within those specific vaccinations, which will assist in producing Covid-19 symptoms, because it is affecting the enzymes within the immune system.
    I as a believer walking with the Lord have not taken any type of these vaccinations, since the 1980’s. I have a deep mistrust for the status-quo within the Medical field as it stands today, because of the Eugenic Agenda which was established since the Hitler regime, and brought into the USA after Germany surrendered. The USA allowed hundreds of chemists and research doctor’s from the Hitler regime to immigrate to the USA, and kept it secret so there would be no public outcry.
    We need to trust in the Lord, and NO fear shall be established within our souls, according to the measure of faith that is within our hearts.
    Thank you for the info…….
    Lord bless you……..

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My pleasure, I thank the Lord that he causes honest doctor’s to come out with the truth…….
        However we are close to His coming…..the days are growing so dark and lawless the fruit of the Anti-Christ is his calling card!
        Lord bless you!
        In His Eternal Love


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