Am I likable!

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We all have our own likes and dislikes. My likes might not coincide with yours. I don’t think we can agree on everything we share.

As a third child in our family, I never felt that I was liked by many. In fact in our culture, I felt disliked by many.

I was body shamed for having a broad nose. I was mocked for having a wide mouth. It made me hurt and caused to retrieve into isolation. I would be afraid to go out of the house without any reason.

I had fear of unknown. I was terrified by the sight of dogs. I couldn’t engage in any conversation with other kids in the class.

I felt useless and worthless. My parents were busy with sorting out their own differences and therefore couldn’t feel their caring love.

Definitely, they provided food, clothing, shelter, and schooling. I don’t feel great attachment towards my parents. My brothers were quite supportive.

My elder brother was always kind towards me. He would share his pocket money for my expenses. He would travel long distance to meet me in my hostel when I was answering my exams.

Later on, we encountered Jesus (Yeshua) through the preaching of our mentor. It brought great sense of belongingness. Both of us shared great closeness.

Afterwards, we began our own families. We got busy. We are connected to each other. We aren’t able to see each other so frequently because of pandemic.

The WordPress has gifted me many friends. Whenever I recieve a “Like”it thrills my heart. It produces a great feeling of warmth and self-worth. I feel appreciated. I feel people like me for who I am.

Your likes makes me feel likable. It has increased my confidence. I love to pour out my heart because of you guys. You make me write more. I write only for my readers. Otherwise, there’s no reason to pen anything.

I thank my Yeshua for blessing me with such huge gallaxy of friends from all around the world. God bless you dear friends. Stay home, stay safe.

13 thoughts on “Am I likable!

  1. Dear friend, I am repeating something a wise woman once said to me. What God thinks of you matters most. He made you. And when anyone, even you, criticize the masterpiece He made (you), they are criticizing Him and being ungrateful for His creation. Love, your sister in Christ.😄❤

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    1. Hi Tonya, these are the most beautiful words I have read specifically addressed to me. I am speechless 😭. You really made my day. Yes, my Yehova and Yeshua Meshiakh has higher thoughts about me. Opinion of others doesn’t matter if I know what my God thinks about me. Thanks Tonya. Very much blessed by what you responded.🙏🙇


  2. I can relate to your childhood, though I was first born, I suffered the most rejection by both parents. They should have never married, but the Lord above chose them for me to be born too, and with that I can give thanks to my Heavenly Father above!

    Like the Lord we should be hated by most, and we will “if” we stand for His Truth as He see’s it, and not man’s interpretation of Him. If we follow Him, we shall suffer through out most of our Christian walk.
    Even Paul suffered this at the hands of the Corinthians…..”why do you love me less, when I love you?”
    I love you for what you represent.
    All our worthiness comes from the Lord, for He alone is worthy….we are nothing….He should be and needs to be Everything……….

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    1. Wow. This is fantastic comment I have received. Thank you very much for resonating with my feelings. But, through everything God is working everything for our good. He turns bad into something great. I choose to trust in his own plans for my life. Halleluyah 🙌

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    1. Thanks Meghan for reading my story. Thanks for your words of encouragement. Yes, God of the Bible can use our individual stories to create a beautiful his-story. Halleluyah 🙌. Be blessed in the name of Yeshua Meshiakh.

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