A huge hug ❤️

Hugs are becoming rare. We can’t touch each other. Even a simple handshake is forbidden. This has happened because of COVID-19. Everyone knows it!

So, the regular hugs are out of fashion. Can anyone think of hugging a COVID-19 patient? You wouldn’t do it, right! No one will dare to dream of doing it! It’s so scary to hug someone who is coronavirus positive.

However, recently I read about one Dr E.G who is a great clinician and a versatile medical teacher. He helped to set up a COVID-19 hospital. He has worked continuously for the COVID-19 patients for extended period.

The peculiarity of this doctor is that he would hug everyone COVID-19 patient that recovered from the hospital. When everyone is running away from these people who have recovered, this doctor would send them after a great big hug.

This gesture was unprecedented for everyone. This gesture brought great sense of hope and comfort to all these COVID-19 patients recovering from their infection.

The sad thing always to good people. This doctor who tirelessly laboured for these patients is found to have contacted the virus. I was heartbroken to hear that sad news.

We are praying for this dedicated doctor to become alright.

Dear God, please heal this doctor from this virus. The COVID-19 infected people need this doctor. Please don’t take away the best of your soldiers, who can defeat this invisible foe.

I ask in the name of Yeshua Meshiakh. Amen 🙏

A hug that we need source

17 thoughts on “A huge hug ❤️

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  2. Dearest Nitin I am deeply sorry for your colleague and friend!
    Please know I am praying for him, and await to hear good news from you!
    Sending a virtual hug to you and your friend. Praying for his family and coworkers too!
    God loves you, Brother! And He loves your doctor friend! ❤

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    1. Thanks Gail. Your words mean a lot to me. He is not only a great doctor, In fact he is my mentor and teacher. He has taught me internal medicine. His family is negative for COVID-19. He is in an isolation facility. Thanks for your valuable prayers. Please continue to pray for all such doctors and nurses. Hugs from me as well.🤗

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      1. So glad to hear his family tested negative. I will be praying for them during this challenging time. And yes, I will be praying for all the doctors and nurses as well.
        Praying for you too, Nitin. He obviously mean a lot to you as well. 🤗

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