Not so Rosy talk 🌹

Pink rose flower

Who doesn’t like a rose flower? Everyone loves it. Sight of a rose flower brings refreshment to our souls. That’s why florists make lot of money by selling them.

You can impress anyone with a rose flower. Roses make our lives beautiful. Roses of different colors have different meanings. I use to impress my wife with a rose bud before our marriage.😜

I have two rose plants in my balcony. Each has bloomed one rose. One is pitch and another pink. You can see one of the rose in the above photograph and pitch one down below.

Pitch color rose

Roses help to decorate vases. They can be worn by a lady in her hair. Roses are symbolic of human glory and beauty.

Roses symbolises our prime years of life. We humans have our glorious days. Our successful days can be likened to a full bloomed rose. The roses with the passing of time undergo decay.

all humanity is like grass,
all its glory is like a wildflower—
the grass withers, and the flower falls off”

A withered rose flower

After few weeks, look at the state of that glorious and beautiful rose. When the rose fades away, it no longer looks like a rose. The dead rose has no resemblance to its former glory.

In my today’s Bible quote, the author likens the human glory to the glory of a flower. The flower dries and looses its glory forever. One day that flower will fall and forgotten forever.

That’s why, it’s not a good idea to have pride. If you are successful, then don’t look down on others. You should humble yourself if God has lifted you up. If God can lift you up, similarly he can pull you down if you become arrogant and full of pride.

Like👍 it if you agree. Comment✍️ if you disagree. Forward ⏩it if you are blessed. Be blessed in the name of Yeshua Meshiakh.

9 thoughts on “Not so Rosy talk 🌹

  1. How lovely this is…..dear brother…..
    Roses like most of the Lord’s creation not only lifts the spirits of the Lost, it brings them temporary comfort, for our Lord blesses the lost as well as the Saved. His creation is beyond words at times……His creation speaks of His Love and care…which reveals His Character and Holiness. Much within the creation can also speak unto us His Children in spiritual terms, as this your posting so lovingly declares!
    I love the Lord’s creation, and the smallest flower can make me rejoice, my favorite is “The Lilly of the Valley”. It’s unique bloom of it’s small bell like shape, so small, so delicate…..but oh the Aroma of such a delicate flower is just so wonderously fragrant can fill a ROOM! It can bring me to joyous tears…..because the “Fragrance of our Lord” and the Beauty of His Holiness is beyond words……Let us allow the Fragrance of our Lord………..cause us to be “Sick of Love”…..which can melt the hearts of any man He Chooses…….
    Blessed be the name of Our Lord….
    And the Lord bless you for your lovely proclamation of His Word through His Creation!
    In His Eternal Love…..

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    1. Thanks brother for this elaborate response to this tiny little post. It’s my attempt to draw attention to the Holy scriptures. The glory of mankind is temporary and fleeting moment. To think of high self is deception. We need to know that our end can arrive at any time. That’s the reason we should be satisfied with our lot, yet be prepared to depart when the call is given. Halleluyah 🙌🤗

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