10 thoughts on “No-one could do raksha of this sister!

    1. Raksha in Hindi means protection. Today we celebrate raksha Bandhan. It is a festival of brothers take pledge to protect sister. The girl in the picture is raped and murdered in the month of April. There was no one to save this girl from the predators. It’s a sad thing that our daughters have to go through such things again and again. As a father it pains my heart to such incidents happening repeatedly. On one had we talk of protection of sisters, and the other hand they are raped and murdered. It is an ironic situation.

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  1. How horrible…….it so reveals what the Lord said, “It is in the heart of man to do wickedly” these actions are right out of the pit of hell……
    I pray the Lord protect your daughter! Let us not forget that the Lord said in the later days, wickedness would increase, and we as Christians can do nothing about it…….sinners will do their wicked works, why do you think that the Lord in the Great Tribulation will finally let loose His Judgments against the wicked, for it is finally the time the Lord will have vengeance on ALL EVIL and destroy ALL who work it!
    I tremble at what will occur during that time.
    The Lord bless you…….

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    1. Thanks for asking that question on Raksha. I was hoping that, someone will ask me to explain it. It’s very painful but it’s not hopeless situation. All such activities will be judged severely by the God of the Bible. We want people to forsake such lifestyle and repent. Recieve forgiveness offered through Yeshua Meshiakh and be renewed in mind, body, and soul. Halleluyah 🙌🤗. Thanks for initiating this discussion. Abundant blessings to you in the name of Yeshua Meshiakh.

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  2. Not everyone will respond to the call of salvation, for it is within their heart not to do so, they prefer darkness over His Light. And the Lord let’s them be in their sins. However the New testament is resplendent in how the Apostle’s preached and the Lord saved as many as should be added unto His Church. Not all that hear, are able to hear, unless the Lord opens their hearing to hear, then eyes to see, and He then grants them the gift of repentance to be saved through the Holy Spirit….
    The Lord bless you brother according to His Will
    In His Eternal Love…..

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  3. Very sad.I am dumbfounded, words are insufficient to sympathize such tragedy in the life of a sweet person.In the same way I don’t find the appropriate words to condemn such heinous crime.As a man I beg pardon from that little sister for all that has happened with her.😥😥😥

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