Bathing 🛀 in rain🌧️

This rain has reminded me of that small poor boy. He didn’t have a decent bathroom to have bath. He would be forced to have bath just beneath the roof pouring rain water. He would be made wet by the cold rain water from the roof. He had to quickly apply soap and finish his bath as soon as possible. He had to keep himself warm by having hot water from his bucket provided by his mother.

Those days were very much full of different struggles. That boy wouldn’t complain. That boy knew all contrains his parents faced. Would you like to meet that young boy?

12 thoughts on “Bathing 🛀 in rain🌧️

    1. 🙇🤗😃 It is none other than me. Thanks for asking. It’s my own personal story. It is my childhood memories. ☺️ There was a time of very humble beginnings. Today, the Lord Yeshua Meshiakh has blessed me so much. I can’t express it in writing.

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  1. I knew it was you……..just having some good old fashioned fun……
    That’s good you had such beginnings……growing up for me….I was a little boy lost and forsaken. However later in life the Lord took me up. You are the only one I have true fellowship with. Via….blogging.
    I am blessed also, thank the Lord God Jehovah above!

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    1. I very well knew that you got it 😂. But for the sake of continuation of the discussion I poured out myself. Actually, I have had many other experiences which I will unveil one at a time. Thanks for your sweet fellowship. It is spiritually enriching experience.

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      1. Do you have an email? I just read something from my Journal that I wrote back in Dec 29th & 31 2019……It was quite prophetic……it stunned me I forgot all about it until I reread it today, because I was looking for some reference… email is listed on my blog, I do think. What do you think?

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