मेरा भारत महान। My India is great.

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वो लाल किले पर लहराता है।
अपनी देश की शान हैं।
वो तिरंगा हमारा हैं।
वो हमारा स्वाभीमान हैं।

इस पल के लिए,
कितनोंने दि अपनी कुर्बानी ।
लाठी कि मार सही,
गोलियोंकि बौछार सहि।

कोटी कोटी नमन,
उन विरों कों।
जो सिमा की है,
करते रक्षा।

हम भी आज है
तैयार अपनी जान,
देशके नाम
करनेको कुर्बान।

जय हिंद। जय भारत।

मेरे सभी देश वासियों को स्वतंत्रता दिन की बहुत शुभकामनाएं।

Happy independence day to all my fellow countrymen.

Psalm 33:12 (CJB): How blessed is the nation whose God is Adonai,
the people he chose as his heritage!

क्या ही धन्य है वह जाति जिसका परमेश्‍वर यहोवा है, और वह समाज जिसे उसने अपना निज भाग होने के लिये चुन लिया हो! भजन संहिता 33:12 HINDI-BSI https://bible.com/bible/1683/psa.33.12.HINDI-BSI

हम अपनें इस पावन देश के लिए प्रार्थना करेंगे। यीशु मसीह के नाम से। आमिन 🙏🙇

Proud to be an Indian. मुझे भारतिय होनेपर गर्व है।


It is unfurled on the red fort
It is our nation’s glory
It is our tricolor
It is our self-esteem.

For this very moment
many gave their lives
They suffered cane beatings
They were shot at.

Billion times bows
To the bravehearts
They take care
of our borders.

Today also I am
Ready to give up
My soul for
My country.

Long live India.
Bharat is another name for India.

Translation is posted as requested by my friend.

Oneta Hayes.

19 thoughts on “मेरा भारत महान। My India is great.

  1. I’m a bit confused, why would you be proud of being Indian?
    India is one, or was, one of he worst slave driving countries in the world. It’s class system is so evil….it’s “god’s” are from the pit of hell.
    Where in the Lord’s word are we to be “patriotic”? When the world is NOT our kingdom, our Kingdom is Our Heavenly Kingdom.
    How can you lift your country with such pride?
    I am not proud of my country, with billions of babies being slaughtered, corruption in every level of government.
    As Paul taught we pray for those governing over us, so that we may live an honest and as peaceful of a life as possible.
    Thank you……these are questions I just had to ask to understand from where you are coming from.
    In His Love……

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    1. Glad you asked this question my dear friend. Yes, the patriotism is deeply engraved in the hearts of every Indian. As a legacy, my parents always taught me to be a patriotic. I have heard from my grandfather, how he took part in the freedom struggle. He was caned by the police under British Raj in those days. My grandfather who was the first born again person in our village never ashamed from honouring Mahatma Gandhi’s call to do Satyagraha (insist on truth). My God allowed to be born in this nation. It wasn’t my choice. I accept it as God’s divine plan. We have been victims of the caste system. My family hails from the lower caste. We were despised for our lower caste. This social status brought us to Christ. When the missionaries came and loved us in spite of our lowe caste. My grandfather father was drawn to the faith in Christ. Today we have almost century old church in our property. Till today, Christians are considered as traitors. They are considered as loyal to Vetican city than the federal government. This notion is destroyed when the Christians express their patriotic spirit for their own nation. God has chosen us from different nations. On the last day you will see what the Lord has done through all the nations. I know the current situation of fellow Christians in our country. I tell how God is working mightily in India. Thanks for your valuable response. I hope this explains my position. In the name of Yeshua Messaih. Halleluyah 🙌

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      1. Thank you for your upfront honesty……..
        However you do realize that Gandhi’s “truth” was the spirit of Anti-Christ……he was not a worshiper of the One True God, Jesus Christ, so how can one honor those who hated Christ?
        I was born in North America and was once proud of being such. Now I must stand against those “even Christians” who hold to their patriotism over their faith in Christ, and they hate it, so this has become Idolatry…..and that is what I stand against. All these nations shall be destroyed along with all of their wicked sins against the Lord and human civilizations, and what they have done to the earth.
        I admire how Gandhi went about to set India from the wicked grips of the United Kingdom, however he is eternally lost in the depths of hell. And that is what is important……..
        And you must be aware NOT all that is happening in India, and most other nations where so many ministries are stating that “God is working mightily” is truly of the Lord, most ministries are working for the Anti-Christ easy beliefism of a False Gospel, a False Christ… This is something the Lord warned us about………
        The Lord bless you my dear friend in our Lord………..
        In His Eternal Love…..

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      2. Thanks for your passion. I don’t judge the people of the past. God is the best judge. Patriotism is not above my love for my Lord. I think you got it wrong. My Lord has taught me to give to the Caesar what belongs to him and give God what belongs to him. My country deserves my loyalty. My Yeshua deserves my love. I hope you will understand. Thanks for your passion.

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      3. Giving unto Caesar means in regards to taxes, laws of the land. The only Kingdom you are to be loyal to is the Kingdom of God, and not any ungodly nation, who serves satan and his evil ways. I do not have it wrong, God’s Word teaches me otherwise, you error in your understanding. The Lord’s Council shall stand”.
        I pray the Lord will give you the grace to see less of your human reasoning and more of His Ways, which I feel the CJB is influencing you in wrong decisions because it is a perverted version.
        I love you in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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      4. I am extremely sorry brother. I couldn’t find your email. But I don’t wish to spend lots of time discussing same things which I have discussed with my Baptist Church pastor friends. I have many more important things to do. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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