A blessing to the world!

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Who doesn’t want to be blessed? We all want to be blessed without exception! Day and night we covet blessings of God. We visit religious places to bring blessings to our family.

The definition of blessing differs from person to person. But most will agree with me that blessings mean to be happy! A blessed person is a happy person.

Unhappiness is perceived as a lack of blessing. We blame our bad luck when things aren’t going well. We blame everyone for bad things happen to us. Yes, sometimes bad things happen because of wrong doings of our own species.

Don’t always run after worldly blessings! They don’t bring total lasting satisfaction.

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Can we go beyond that? Can we look for blessing others around us? How can we achieve this? Are we in the place of God to bless others? I am afraid, the answer is no! We are not God!

Genesis 12:2 (CJB): I will make of you a great nation, I will bless you, and I will make your name great; and you are to be a blessing.

I love the story of Abraham in the Holy Bible. God spoke with Abraham like a friend. He tested Abraham intensively. When he passed the test, God blessed him with a promise.

He said, “I am going to bless you.” He also added, “I am going to make you a blessing.” Which one is the bigger blessing? I believe that second one is bigger than the previous one. God blesses everyone, but he makes only few as a blessing.

Don’t be only happy to be blessed! Tell God that you want to be a blessing to others.

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Dear friends, we are not here only to receive blessings upon blessings. We are here to pass and distribute the blessings we receive to others. Has anyone lately told you how much he felt blessed by associating with you?

God blesses everyone but he chooses only few to a blessing to others. You be the one!

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God wants to touch the world through you. You have to be the channel for God’s favour and blessings to flow to the world. God is not coming to bless but to judge everyone. You here to help others to know the truth.

Be blessed in the name of Yeshua Meshiakh. Halleluyah 🙌

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