Don’t take COVID-19 lightly!

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I am sure that my earlier post must have given you glimpses of the perils of the doctors working on COVID-19 duties. 

Today I want to my experience at the COVID-19 ward. This particular ward housed mild to moderate cases of COVID-19.

Many of these patients were able to maintain their oxygen levels without external supply. Which is a sign of  recovery. These patients have had pneumonia, now they are stable.

However, there were some who required continuous supply of oxygen. These are the patients who are still suffering from the pneumonia. The moment their oxygen supply taken off, their blood oxygen dwindles immediately.

The recovered ones were planning to go home in another few days. While the ones not showing signs of recovery were uncertain about their discharge from the hospital.

They were eager to know their progress. I could sense fear and apprehension on their faces. I feel helpless at times, as at times we don’t have absolute control over the situation.

Dear friends, there are rumours going around that COVID-19 is hoax. That’s a lie. I have witnessed the truth. COVID-19 is real and serious matter. It has killed many people. It is still killing millions.

Don’t think COVID-19 is something to be taken lightly. Be careful. Follow the protocol issued by the health department. Be at home, be safe.

11 thoughts on “Don’t take COVID-19 lightly!

  1. Covid-19 is very real. I see people not wearing masks, not social distancing as they should be. This is a serious matter that should not be taken lightly. It is as if some just don’t care about the severity of this pandemic that we are facing daily. The safest place is being at home, but we still have to do things just like normal, but with the precautions set in place for us to follow daily. Sadly, millions of people have lost their lives due to this deadly virus. I hope and pray that a cure for this will soon be made but until then we all must do what we are supposed to do to protect ourselves and others that we come in contact with. Thanks for the article; it speaks volumes.

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    1. Thanks dear Shaunelius for visiting and reading through. I totally agree with you. It’s not easy to be consistent with the protocol however without following it we are putting ours and others lives in danger. I deeply appreciate your valuable feedback. Be blessed in the name of Yeshua Meshiakh.

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