A refreshing day in the midst of a pandemic! πŸ’•

Which is the best day of your life? There are many days which could be labelled as great days. But, there are some special and memorable days we won’t like to forget. I don’t want to forget 12 November!

It was a great day of my life. 12 November is my birthday. I usually don’t get excited about my birthdays. I never consider my birthday as a special day.

For me, birthday is like any other day. But this one was totally different. As usual, my family wished me on my birthday, which I always cherish.

My beautiful wife cooked very nice meal. My daughter ordered a beautiful cake. Everything was as per my taste. ☺️ Usually I don’t expect so much attention. Too much personal attention makes me feel uncomfortable.

My parents and brothers wished me over the phone. My close relatives phoned me. My class buddies called up to wish.

Tons of SMS, WhatsApp messages. I was overwhelmed with love and blessings pouring in. I was completely kept busy attending calls and replying to messages.

The icing on the cake was, when some members of our fellowship arranged an online meeting to share their wishes and prayers. I felt so special. They sang a birthday song and wished me. They prayed for me and my family. This lovely gesture made me feel so blessed. I have no words to describe my feelings.

I am indeed grateful to my family, parents, relatives, and friends for making my day. Adding so much flavour to my life. I want to thank my creator God for keeping me safe for yet another year.

Thanks dear friends for your lovely messages and prayers. God bless you all.

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