Teaming up for COVID-19!

My team

Dear friends. Let me introduce you to my lovely and hardworking team. This team consists of doctors and nurses. We all work in different shifts.

This photo is taken at almost end of my duty. Can you see the beautiful smiles. Those smiles are hidden behind the uncomfortable PPE. They all want to hug each other but our hands are bound by social distancing norms.

We want to jump in the air, but impossible with the PPE. Our wings are clamped. This team is my support system. I love my team. I am proud of each one of them.

They work very close to COVID-19 patients. They exam them. Administer medications. Perform various procedures. Lots of things happen between this team and patients.

Can you spot me? No? You can’t! We don’t operate as individuals rather as one team. We have teamed up with each other for one cause. We want to defeat our common enemy. That’s the COVID-19 pandemic.

These team members aren’t unknown. They are well known in their own specialities. For this noble cause we are ready to go unnoticed and unknown. We are committed to fighting the unseen enemy.

These are our COVID-19 warriors. They are fighting your battle against the enemy of humanity. Cheer them up by taking care of yourself. More cases will add up to the misery of these warriors.

Thanks for reading ❤️😊🙏

13 thoughts on “Teaming up for COVID-19!

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  2. How nice to see you and your team, Nitin!
    What a lovely post to them, and touching plea to everyone else.
    Take care of yourselves. We continue to pray for you, dear friend!
    Me and God think believe in you! 🙂 Each one of you! 🙂

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  3. Thank you and your team for your selfless love and compassion to help others especially during a time such as this. Praying God keeps you all strengthen safe and bless each and every day. Be safe and have a wonderful blessed rest of this week! 🙏🏽

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