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Proverbs 6:6 (CJB): Go to the ant, you lazybones!
Consider its ways, and be wise.

As I reached my kitchen, I saw tiny little guys moving in a straight line carrying something. I looked carefully! They were small red ants carrying small white eggs. See the above video of what I just noticed.

I was wondering from where they suddenly appeared and where are they going. I just realised that they were moving to another location of our appartment. How smart!

The Holy Bible has a mention of these little creatures. There is a great lesson to be learnt from them. It says that you can be very wise if you learn lessons from the life of ants.

The ants have a message to all lazy people. The ants are always very busy doing work. They have a corporate culture. Except for the Queen 👑, everyone else is working very hard. They work very hard during summer so that they lack nothing during the seasons of scarcity.

Dear Lord, teach me to be a wise worker like these ants are so that I can contribute very well to my family and community. I ask in the name of Yeshua Meshiakh.

Please share your thoughts on how we can learn lessons from God’s creation!

Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh (ה-ו-ה-י)!!!

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God revealed himself to him (Moses) and told him his own personal Name. That Name in Hebrew consists of the four letters Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh (ה-ו-ה-י) and is therefore called the tetragrammaton (four-letter writing).

Complete Jewish Bible

This is a description of the Hebrew name of God in the original language of the Bible. It’s very difficult to pronounce as people out of reverence for God, didn’t utter his name. Over a period of time, they lost the exact pronounciation.

Exodus 34:6 (CJB): Adonai passed before him and proclaimed: “YUD-HEH-VAV-HEH!!! Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh [Adonai] is God, merciful and compassionate, slow to anger, rich in grace and truth;

They do recite Adonai in the places where this tetragrammaton appears. This is translated as the LORD in English. I hope this information is helpful to you.

Please do share your thoughts on this!

Don’t forget to shoot a SOS message.


Everyone knows the meaning of SOS. It’s a distress call from a ship which is in danger and is in need of immediate help. Some say that it could be expanded as “Save our Ship.”

Today I came cross a news on the Twitter. Three micronasian marineers left home in a boat. The boat drifted off and diesel got exhausted.

They reached an inhabited Island Pikelot in the Pacific Ocean. These men wrote in big letters “SOS” on the sandy beach of the island. They were reported missing from their homes. One of the US airforce aircraft noticed the SOS.

Australian government rushed into action and rescued the stranded men on Sunday 2 August 2020. They were sent to their homes in due course of time.

And then, whoever calls on the name of Adonai will be saved

Acts 2:21 (CJB) (The Holy Bible)

Similarly, in our distress we can shoot SOS to the Lord. These SOS are our prayers to the Lord. The Bible says that whoever calls on the name of Adonai (God of the Bible) shall be saved.

Thanks for reading. Share your stories of SOS in the comments section.

What’s the expansion of “A.S.K.?”

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ASK! I found a nice pictorial discription. It had the expansion of ASK. It was quite interesting and encouraging to me. I hope it will be encouraging to you as well.

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“Keep asking, and it will be given to you; keep seeking, and you will find; keep knocking, and the door will be opened to you.”

Matthew 7:6–7 (CJB):

It’s so easy to give up on praying. The current world affairs are so discouraging, that you will be tempted to discontinue prayers.

Yeshua, told his own talmidim (disciples) not to stop asking, seeking, knocking. It’s about being persistent in our consistent prayers.

Yeshua, promised his own that he will honor the prayers of his own children. Believe that all your prayers will be answered by your Lord in his time and will. Our job is to ASK….ASK… ASK.

Do you agree with me on this?

Medicine according to Yeshua

Health worker

Matthew 9:11–12 (CJB): When the P’rushim saw this, they said to his talmidim, “Why does your rabbi eat with tax-collectors and sinners?”
12 But Yeshua heard the question and answered, “The ones who need a doctor aren’t the healthy but the sick.

The religious leaders at the time of Yeshua objected to his association with certain classes of people. They asked his talmidim (disciples) about him eating with sinners and tax collectors. These guys were snubbed by the religious leaders (Pharasees).

Yeshua, taught them his divine medicine lessons. In the physical realm only sick need a doctor, similarly in the spiritual realm the spiritually sick need a spiritual doctor, this is what he taught them.

The take home message is that those who have physical ailments need worldy doctor. The spiritually sick people would need a spiritual doctor.

Who could be their spiritual doctor?

Bring Healing to our land!🤲

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Our planet and nation is severeley affected by COVID-19 pandemic. There is lot of fear and apprehension which has gripped the people of our world. We are expectantly waiting for relief and healing from COVID-19 pandemic.

2 Chronicles 7:13–14 (CJB): If I shut up the sky, so that there is no rain; or if I order locusts to devour the land; or if I send an epidemic of sickness among my people;
14 then, if my people, who bear my name, will humble themselves, pray, seek my face and turn from their evil ways, I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land.

The God of Hebrews gave warning to his people. He said that disobedience to his commandments would invite severe punishment from their God.

He said that he would send drought, locusts, and epidemic to their land. This punishment could be reversed if they fulfill certain conditions.

The Adonai God said that, “if” my people would take some corrective actions in their lives that would bring relief from their troubles.

The most important thing God required from his own children was humbleness, prayerfulness, seeking God’s favour, repentance from evil ways, then God promised to heed to their cry.

God of the Bible promised to answer their prayer. He gives assurance of forgiveness of sins. He is willing to bring healing to our sick land.

Dear God, heal our planet Earth and our nation. We are willing to mend our ways. We seek your face, please hear our cry! We seek forgiveness and healing. Heal us and take away all the pestilence from us. This we pray in the name of Yeshua Meshiakh. 🙇

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Not so Rosy talk 🌹

Pink rose flower

Who doesn’t like a rose flower? Everyone loves it. Sight of a rose flower brings refreshment to our souls. That’s why florists make lot of money by selling them.

You can impress anyone with a rose flower. Roses make our lives beautiful. Roses of different colors have different meanings. I use to impress my wife with a rose bud before our marriage.😜

I have two rose plants in my balcony. Each has bloomed one rose. One is pitch and another pink. You can see one of the rose in the above photograph and pitch one down below.

Pitch color rose

Roses help to decorate vases. They can be worn by a lady in her hair. Roses are symbolic of human glory and beauty.

Roses symbolises our prime years of life. We humans have our glorious days. Our successful days can be likened to a full bloomed rose. The roses with the passing of time undergo decay.

all humanity is like grass,
all its glory is like a wildflower—
the grass withers, and the flower falls off”

A withered rose flower

After few weeks, look at the state of that glorious and beautiful rose. When the rose fades away, it no longer looks like a rose. The dead rose has no resemblance to its former glory.

In my today’s Bible quote, the author likens the human glory to the glory of a flower. The flower dries and looses its glory forever. One day that flower will fall and forgotten forever.

That’s why, it’s not a good idea to have pride. If you are successful, then don’t look down on others. You should humble yourself if God has lifted you up. If God can lift you up, similarly he can pull you down if you become arrogant and full of pride.

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Heal me!

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What would you give in return for healing? You would agree with me that health supersedes everything else in life. When we know that our health is at stake then we are willing to exchange it with anything more valuable.

Health is taken for granted until its lost. Health is wealth, wealth is not Health. When you are healthy then you can be wealthy. We try to earn wealth at the cost of health.

“because I am Adonai your healer.”

Exodus 15:26 (CJB)

While we are neglecting our health, we don’t realize that we are gradually moving from healthful to diseased status. It’s a gradual subtle journey. Being healthy is a labourious task. Becoming diseased is very simple. Just don’t do anything, you will be sick one day!

Today, I have citated a tiny quotation from the Holy Bible. It’s the Adonai God of the Bible speaking to his people Israel. He encouraged them that he is their Healer.

When we are healthy we don’t think about the Healer, however sickness reminds us of our need for a healer.

God told them in advance that I am the God who heals you. We have two kinds of diseases, spiritual and physical. The worldly doctors can cure physical ailments. The God of the Bible can heal both.

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Blessings in the name of Yeshua Meshiakh. 🙇