Remembering, my mentor!

Mr and Mrs R S Mirajkar from my lens.

This is my tribute to the well known Bible teacher of this century who worked among the Marathi speaking section of India.

Mr Mirajkar was raised by a missionary woman (Miss H H Robertson) from England who was mother to many motherless for 57 years in India.

Tomb stone of Miss H H Robertson

At the age of 12 years, Mr Mirajkar had an encounter with Yeshua (Jesus). He accepted Yeshua as his Lord and saviour. He was a good student.

After his graduation from the college, he worked as an teacher at a college in Belgaum. Mean while he got married to his beautiful bride.

After few years of teaching at the college, he felt compelled to leave his job to go into full time ministry. He began his journey as a freelance Bible Teacher.

He worked mostly among the Marathi speaking Christian communities. He wrote many Christian books. He edited song books. Wrote Christian evangelical tracts.

He was instrumental in helping me to give my life to Yeshua Messaih. He has been my mentor from my childhood. He never misguided me.

Mr Mirajkar went to be with the Lord at the age of 90 years. We met him in December 2019. He was loosing his memory. He couldn’t recognise many people.

When I visited him, his countenance brightened. He recognised me. He spoke with us for almost over one hour. He was still enthusiastic about serving the Lord.

He expressed his exasperation that lot of work is left to do and he is unable to complete. He vividly told me to continue to serve the Lord.

He confirmed that I have the gift of teaching. He told me to carry forward that skill.

On 28th August 2020, I got the news that Mr Mirajkar was admitted to a mission hospital. He was in a comatose condition. Doctors, tried their best. Mr Mirajkar regained his consciousness for short time.

Afterwards, he went into a deep sleep. His departure was very peaceful. He ascended into the glory. The Lord and his angels must have welcomed their champion.

According to our belief, Mr Mirajkar must be having a great fellowship with his Lord. What a great joy it is to have such godly people in our lives.

Adeus Mr Mirajkar. We shall surely meet in the kingdom of God. Halleluyah.

I passed the test: My report is negative!

ज्याला देव तारी, त्याला कोन मारी? Whom God saves, who can kill?

Old Marathi proverb.

This is my mom’s most favourite saying. She is a firm believer in Yeshua Messaih. She would always say that when God is for you then no one can be against you.

Dear friends, yesterday I reported about my brush with SARS-CoV-2. In that post I mentioned that I was waiting for my COVID-19 test results. They told me that it would be available in one and half day.

To my surprise, today morning I received a message on my cell phone. My doctor friend saw my sample and decided to notify me. The message read, “Your sample was tested last night. It is negative.” I was extremely happy. I was so thankful to my Lord and my doctor friend as well.

I testify that I had believed from the bottom of my heart that I am negative. But, I had to get myself tested because of the on the insistence of my Boss.

My family was little bit worried about the results. The last 24 hours have been like 24 days. They were quite afraid. But, I was enjoying my time. I got an opportunity to spend my time with my daughter. 🤠

Romans 8:31 (CJB): What, then, are we to say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

The moment my negative report arrived, I immediately informed my wife. She burst out, “Praise God.” My boss said, “very good. I am happy for you.”

I told him that I had a green signal from my God that I am okay. I believed it before my results were ready. My daughter was happy about the results. At the same time, she was sad. She thought that I would be with her for some more days.

I had told my wife. Don’t worry, my God is able to make positive report into negative. Nothing is impossible to God. My Yeshua is alive 🙌.

I want to say thank you to all my friends who prayed for me and for this test to become negative. I salute your friendship. I deeply appreciate your prayers. Be blessed in Yeshua Messaih’s name. ✋

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Bathing 🛀 in rain🌧️

This rain has reminded me of that small poor boy. He didn’t have a decent bathroom to have bath. He would be forced to have bath just beneath the roof pouring rain water. He would be made wet by the cold rain water from the roof. He had to quickly apply soap and finish his bath as soon as possible. He had to keep himself warm by having hot water from his bucket provided by his mother.

Those days were very much full of different struggles. That boy wouldn’t complain. That boy knew all contrains his parents faced. Would you like to meet that young boy?

Am I likable!

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We all have our own likes and dislikes. My likes might not coincide with yours. I don’t think we can agree on everything we share.

As a third child in our family, I never felt that I was liked by many. In fact in our culture, I felt disliked by many.

I was body shamed for having a broad nose. I was mocked for having a wide mouth. It made me hurt and caused to retrieve into isolation. I would be afraid to go out of the house without any reason.

I had fear of unknown. I was terrified by the sight of dogs. I couldn’t engage in any conversation with other kids in the class.

I felt useless and worthless. My parents were busy with sorting out their own differences and therefore couldn’t feel their caring love.

Definitely, they provided food, clothing, shelter, and schooling. I don’t feel great attachment towards my parents. My brothers were quite supportive.

My elder brother was always kind towards me. He would share his pocket money for my expenses. He would travel long distance to meet me in my hostel when I was answering my exams.

Later on, we encountered Jesus (Yeshua) through the preaching of our mentor. It brought great sense of belongingness. Both of us shared great closeness.

Afterwards, we began our own families. We got busy. We are connected to each other. We aren’t able to see each other so frequently because of pandemic.

The WordPress has gifted me many friends. Whenever I recieve a “Like”it thrills my heart. It produces a great feeling of warmth and self-worth. I feel appreciated. I feel people like me for who I am.

Your likes makes me feel likable. It has increased my confidence. I love to pour out my heart because of you guys. You make me write more. I write only for my readers. Otherwise, there’s no reason to pen anything.

I thank my Yeshua for blessing me with such huge gallaxy of friends from all around the world. God bless you dear friends. Stay home, stay safe.